Burberry Takes Over The London Tube for London Fashion Week

In order to cut through the noise of London Fashion Week and stand out from the crowd, Bond Street tube station has been rebranded to ‘Burberry Street’ throughout fashion week. Located nearby, Burberry’s newly renovated flagship store resides at 21-23 New Bond Street.

The entrances, signs, and the iconic TfL roundels across the Central, Jubilee, and Elizabeth lines have been adorned with ‘knight blue’. This colour, introduced by Chief Creative Officer Daniel Lee, represents one of Burberry’s latest hallmark symbols.

Being a prime shopping spot in London, Bond Street directly faces Oxford Street. This ensures the station’s rebranding garners significant attention. Out of the box approaches like this have become the latest trends of brand in recent years, with The Barbie Movie also taking a similar bold and in your face approach to create awareness for their latest film. 

Additionally, the Streets campaign has seen Norman’s, a North London café, being taken over. A roaming Norman’s food truck has also been spotted at prime LFW-associated sites like The Strand and Duke of York Square.

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