Sir Geoff Hurst holding his iconic number 10 England shirt from the 1966 World Cup final, featured in Budweiser's 'Bring It Home' Euro 2024 campaign

Euro 2024’s Game-Changing Ads: How Brands Are Scoring Big with Fans

As Euro 2024 kicks off, brands are capitalising on football fever with creative and inspiring advertisements. These campaigns are uniting fans across the country, regardless of their usual interest in the sport.

Budweiser’s “Bring It Home”

Budweiser’s campaign features Sir Geoff Hurst, the 1966 World Cup hero. The ad reunites Hurst with his iconic number 10 shirt from the final. It’s a nostalgic and uplifting tribute that resonates with England fans of all ages.

Paddy Power’s “Europe’s Favourites”

Paddy Power‘s humorous ad pokes fun at English exceptionalism with star-studded appearances. Danny Dyer and Peter Crouch feature in this witty take on England’s reputation abroad. The spot highlights the often-criticised behaviour of English fans during international tournaments.

Paddy Power's “Europe's Favourites”

Paddy Power’s “Europe’s Favourites”

Adidas’s “Football Anthem”

Adidas showcases its sponsored talent in a cinematic piece teasing both Euro 2024 and Copa America. The ad features stars like Jude Bellingham, Lionel Messi, and Florian Wirtz. It explores the immense pressure professional footballers face ahead of major tournaments.

Sports Direct’s “Football Fever Starts Here”

Sports Direct’s manic spot features a host of celebrity names in typical chaotic fashion. Ian Wright drives a souped-up ice cream van, while Jordan Pickford looks confused. The ad captures the excitement and unpredictability of tournament football.

Nike’s “Awaken Your Madness”

Nike’s ad focuses on the intense desire to win among elite football players. It features Kylian Mbappé, Vinicius Junior, and Erling Haaland, alongside Brazil legend Ronaldinho. The spot brilliantly illustrates the borderline “madness” of top-level competitive football.

Specsavers’ “Should’ve Translations”

Specsavers leverages its famous slogan in a clever print and out-of-home campaign. The ads feature flags of competing nations with translations of “Should’ve Gone to Specsavers”. This campaign helps fans protest questionable refereeing decisions in multiple languages.

These Euro 2024 ads demonstrate the power of football to unite people across the nation. They tap into the excitement, nostalgia, and humour surrounding the beautiful game. As the tournament progresses, these campaigns will continue to fuel football fever throughout the country.

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