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  1. Is Amazon the next big move for DTC brands?
  2. The club we all need access to
  3. An ad creative that makes you want to go to sleep (in a good way) 
  4. A big announcement from Youtube 
  5. Tiktok training you don’t want to miss 

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What’s HOT?!?! This section of the newsletter showcases brands and businesses doing something innovative in their space. 

In this issue, we are looking at CLUBZERØ. Founded by Safia Qureshi, CLUBZERØ aims to make on-the-go F&B more sustainable with it’s returnable packaging system. The product-line and infrastructure will eliminate single-use F&B packaging reaching land-fill due to CLUBZERØ’s free, safe and convenient returnables. 

Firstly an amazing congratulations to CLUBZERØ on raising £225k on Seeders over the last few weeks, smashing through their target of £225,000. 

CLUBZERØ aren’t just your regular sustainable packaging brand. They have a mission to make change and they are well on their way to doing so. The tech brand has clients including McDonalds, Starbucks and Nestle. Most recently, they have partnered with JustEat to deliver food in reusable and sustainable packaging, direct to customers homes. All of this activity has contributed to save 68 tonnes of CO2, and prevented over 2.2M single use plastic items ending up in landfill. 

We love what CLUBZERØ are doing, and can’t wait to see what they do next. If you want to learn more head over to there website here:

Is Amazon the next big move for DTC brands in 2022? 

After a tricky year for tracking and attribution with Facebook and Apple, are DTC brands now looking to move completely into new channels to support ecommerce growth? 

Let’s start at the beginning. What are the pros and cons of having your brand on Amazon? 


  1. A great starting place for new products to get to market without website builds 
  2. Easy (ish) to set up 
  3. You can gain a good indication of market size on the platform by using tech like JungleScout and Helium10 
  4. A platform that is trusted
  5. Success can result in customer loyalty and good reviews 
  6. High buying intention from consumers 
  7. You can ship stock to over 175 fulfillment centers around the world 
  8. You can ship your products in bulk, and Amazon will do the rest  


  1. Questions over it being an ethical business 
  2. Amazon charge fees at different levels, which can eat into your product margin 
  3.  Your store can be removed in seconds without warning
  4. High competition: if your brand isn’t strong enough, you’ll struggle to get sales 

Let’s see the platform in numbers…what are the biggest stats that indicate Amazon is the space for DTC brands? 

– 200 Million Prime Customers – Not only does prime mean your products can get to potential customers quick with next day delivery, but it also means the journey to purchase can be in just one click

– 55 Million Echo Devices sold in 2020 alone – If voice ordering becomes part of everyday life, and your brand has a strong enough presence on the platform, this could lead to customers ordering your products everywhere; from their car to while they shower. All by voice command. 

– 43% of the products bought on Amazon are shoes, clothing and jewellery 

– 66% of new product searches are on Amazon 

– 79% of customers check Amazon reviews before purchasing

As you have likely gaged from the above, there are many reasons why you should and maybe shouldn’t be using Amazon as a platform in 2022 as a DTC brand. Although it comes with risks, there is a massive opportunity with the platform. Here is why you should think about opening up a store on Amazon if you haven’t already: 

  1. Exposure: Amazon is a very busy market with a huge audience. Due to this ripe audience, there are thousands of products that are almost identical. How do you stand out and is it worth it? Our answer is simply, yes. If you consistently spend time on your product listing, reviews, and brand page, over a short period of time, your products will work their way into the Amazon algorithm and gain access to this vast audience. 
  2. Market Research: Outside of the main Amazon platform, there are multiple third party options which allow you to get a good understanding of how competitors, or similar products, are performing. JungleScot and Helium10 are a great starting place for this. 
  3. Customer Feedback: It’s no secret that Amazon works best for products and brands that have stronger customer reviews and feedback. This isn’t something that brands normally prioritise, and the fact that the platform does, means that you will understand your customers better. This can be applied to your wider marketing strategy and the reviews used elsewhere. 
  4. Buyer Intention: Audiences go to Amazon to buy. Browsing on the platform is common, but having such a wide market means that when audiences arrive on the platform, their intention to purchase products is high. 

If you’re not currently listed on Amazon, or haven’t thought about listing, we think you should consider it. Start by understanding the size of the market you could have access to, and check out your competition to see if you could reap the benefits. 

If you want to take the first step to investigate the platform here is where to start –

What do we think will happen in 2022 for DTC brands using Amazon? 

The plans that Amazon has for the future of DTC brands looks very interesting. They are putting huge investment into optimising the platform for consumers which will only benefit DTC brands. 

With the issues that Facebook and Apple faced in 2021, tracking, building and investing in new audiences for your own website has become even more difficult. Of course this is something that has work arounds and will continue to develop, however, Amazon poses a great opportunity for DTC brands to access more audiences and reduce dependency on limited platforms. 

Don’t be late to the party. 

  1. TikTok launches its own training platform
  2. Youtube CEO announces the focuses for the platform in 2022 (including Youtube shorts) 
  3. Meta is building a supercomputer to support the Metaverse
  4. NFT’s are coming to META


To finish off our newsletter we want to highlight some of the best creatives that we have seen recently, and tell you why we think they are a slam dunk win.  

✅ Firstly we LOVE IG story ads, they are a great conversion ad to send your consumer directly to the product page with just a swipe. 

✅ UNBOXING WINS! Audiences love to see unboxing of product, to get an understanding of how it would arrive if they would purchase the product 

✅ Clean and informative graphics, such an easy element to get wrong, but we think these graphics tell the audience what they want to know, and more importantly, what the should know! 

✅  CTA is clear! Call to actions are so important within digital ads, you audiences need to know what you want them to do, Otty have made this clear, and also have incorporated it within the ad. LOVE! 

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