How Whispering Angel Became the World’s Most Luxurious Rosé

Whispering Angel is more than just a rosé wine; it has become the worlds most luxurious rosé that has been carefully crafted and brilliantly marketed. Sacha Lichine, the visionary behind Whispering Angel, saw a gap in the market for a premium rosé that would elevate the status of this drink.


Whispering Angel Became the World’s Most Luxurious Rosé

Sacha Lichine, Founder of Whispering Angel


Lichine teamed up with renowned winemaker Patrick Léon. Together they created a rosé that was exquisite in taste and appearance—a rosé that would change the way people think about this beverage and make it a desirable and aspirational choice.

Sacha Lichine, speaking to Gentleman’s Journal, shared insights into the transformation of rosé wine. He noted, “Around the 1990s there was a bit of glamour associated with rosé wine because of the Cannes Film Festival – a lot of Americans went to Cannes and took the rosé they’d been drinking back to the US with them, so it became quite chic and associated with the lifestyle of the French Riviera.”


Chateau d’Esclans, Les Clans, Garrus


Strategic marketing targeting affluent consumers helped drive the wine’s aspirational status. Whispering Angel secured placements at prestigious venues, events, and menus, cultivating its image as the choice of the fashionable elite.


What really worked for Whispering Angel was how they marketed it:

Targeting Elite Venues

He identified and strategically targeted venues frequented by the affluent—the hallowed grounds of country clubs, the exquisite ambiance of Michelin-starred restaurants, and the sophistication of chic hotels.

Strategic Placements

By securing key placements on prestigious menus and wine lists, Whispering Angel became an enticing option for clientele with refined tastes and resources.


Celebrity Event Presence

By placing its product at high-profile events like film festivals, Whispering Angel associated itself with luxury, exclusivity and the glamour of the famous.


Creating an Aspirational Image

Through elegant packaging and refined visual aesthetics, the brand crafted an aspirational image, exuding sophistication and luxury.


Narrative of Distinction

The brand’s messaging exuded a narrative of excellence and refinement, consistently reinforcing the aura of exclusivity.


Strategic Scarcity

The brand maintained an air of exclusivity by strategically limiting supply, even as demand soared, creating an allure of rarity.


Whispering Angel became the world’s most luxurious rosé by using the art of storytelling. The brand made an exceptional rosé and marketed it to the rich and powerful. It became the most luxurious rosé. The brand used storytelling to link the rosé with the French Riviera lifestyle. It conveyed excellence, sophistication and exclusivity.

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