How Meta’s New A/B Testing Tools Help Creators

The new tools for creators on Facebook, available in the Professional Dashboard, aim to help creators test their content and understand its performance through powerful new A/B Testing capabilities. This includes access to guides, educational courses, improved analytics and a Progression Tracker to enhance the creator profile. The dashboard is designed to be a one-stop-shop for all creator resources, providing a central space for detailed audience analytics, engagement tools and ad management.


Testing Content to Engage Your Audience

Figuring out which images and text will grab your audience’s attention can be tricky. Meta are launching a Reels A/B testing tool so creators can try different captions and thumbnails on mobile to see what performs best.

When making a Reel on your phone, you can test up to four different captions or thumbnails. Your professional dashboard will show the winning variant, which we’ll automatically display on your profile unless you opt to change it. They are also exploring using AI to generate caption and thumbnail options.

A/B Testing

You can now easily turn existing videos and livestreams into Reels too. On your phone, pick from Your Content in the Reels composer and add finishing touches before posting.


Track Progress and Get Rewards

Over the past year, meta have introduced professional dashboard features to help creators earn badges for reaching goals.

They are rolling out the Achievements hub where you can see all your Education, Stars, Reels and Progression badges in one spot. There’s a new Reels streaks badge for posting weekly. You’ll only see achievements you qualify for.

Back Catalogue Reels

These Achievements alone may help you grow on Facebook. But to make them more worthwhile, they are testing rewards for hitting milestones. Creators 18+ who complete all Progression levels may get increased Feed visibility or the Rising Creator label on their profile/page for more discoverability.

After finishing all Progression levels, you can participate in new weekly challenges. Each Monday a new challenge with tasks like posting or commenting a certain amount is released to continue your creator journey.

Progression Levels

Manage Your Content On One Platform

Meta have added a dashboard content tool to see all your posts, Reels and videos in one place. You can view insights, hide content from your profile/pages or move it to the trash. Previously you had to go through posts individually.

When you visit Insights, you’ll see weekly account highlights revealing posting habits, audience and performance data. You can now view 90 days of content insights, up from 28 days, for more long-term analysis.

New Reels metrics include Reach broken down by followers/non-followers, a distribution score comparing your Reels and an audience retention graph showing watch time. Replays will be included in plays metrics too.

Access More Powerful Insights

Tired of just skimming the surface with your Instagram insights? Now you can dive deeper and access a wealth of powerful metrics with Instagram’s new professional dashboard.


With expanded Post Insights, you’ll be able to analyse your content’s performance over the last 90 days rather than just 28 days. This extended timeframe gives you a more comprehensive understanding of what resonates long-term with your audience.

For Reels, you’ll get access to a host of new metrics like Reach split between followers and non-followers, a distribution score to benchmark against previous Reels, and an audience retention graph showing exactly when people stopped watching. With these granular Reels insights, you’ll know precisely what makes each one tick.

They are also introducing aggregated and individual account highlights on your dashboard so you can analyse your posting habits and tactics week-by-week. These data-packed snapshots will help refine your approach for better results.

Aggregated Reels Insights

Find Answers When You Need Help

But Meta hasn’t forgotten that insights are only useful if you know how to apply them. That’s why they have launched new search and shortcut features giving you quick access to Creator Support Hub articles to help decipher and act on your newfound learnings.

With Instagram’s expanded professional dashboard, you’ll have the power to uncover deeper insights into your audience and fine-tune your content strategy accordingly. Now you can deliver content that resonates stronger than ever.

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