The Best Out Of Home Advertising in 2022

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What’s HOT?!?! This section of the newsletter showcases brands and businesses doing something innovative in their space. 

It’s a bit of a different one for us this week. Dating apps, there is a lot of choice when it comes to picking the right app, it’s a bit like picking the right date, right? 

With big players dominating the market including the likes of Tinder, Bumble and Hinge, it would take a bold challenger to try and steal a slice of the action. What was unexpected, was that this challenger would be out of action for 85.7% of the time putting the act of playing hard to get, like many of its users, into practice.

Enter Thursday, an app that aims to connect people in person only on a Thursday. With this unique model of only being turned on on Thursday and only allowing users to talk and meet on this day too, how has Thursday managed to make noise in such a cluttered market? According to their founders, they are putting the thrill back in dating by claiming a whole day for dating. 

Well firstly, their identifiable millennial pink is everywhere making them hard to miss. But what really makes them stand out from their competitors is that they have honed in on their USPs. Re-imagining the dating app, they focus on offline experiences via online connections and regard themselves as a ‘singles member’s club’ allowing for community to take a big focus in their marketing activity – after our newsletter on community management (catch up here), we know how important this is. 

In an act to keep community at the heart of its activity, as well as assert themselves in the market, they have deployed an event led model enhanced by brand partnerships, in conjunction with guerilla style campaigns. Whether the campaigns are OOH (as you can see below) or on employee engagement on LinkedIn, their controversial yet light hearted opinions invite engagement from followers and generate buzz from users, employers and onlookers alike. 

A big take away that we have from Thursday’s approach is not only the importance of having a unique and identifiable TOV in a cluttered market which may ruffle some feathers, but also ensuring that your employees act as brand advocates who are extensions of this voice. They can be a really valuable tool to include in your marketing strategy.

Check out Thursday


If you spend any time on LinkedIn at the moment, you will have noticed that out of home ads pick up a lot of momentum on social and digital channels. Although strictly speaking these are offline activations, the impact that they have online is sometimes much bigger. Adding another layer of ROI, the indirect views as a result of OOH ads going viral, are increasingly becoming a measure of the success of an OOH ad and we can see why. 

The ads that you see going viral are either clever, educational or controversial. The whole “any press is good press” saying often comes into full effect here.

In some instances these out of home ads aren’t even real they have been mocked up to create viral moments online, and it works! 

So for this week, we thought we would break down some of the best out of home ads that we have seen recently, and tell you why we love them so much.


This ad wasn’t actually made by KitKat themselves, it was created by a designer on LinkedIn and it’s genius! 

It went live during one of the lockdowns in the UK last year when most of us were spending our life on zoom calls. Being relatable and culturally relevant is one of the strongest elements to any advertising campaign and at the time of release this ad would have struck a chord with most people that saw it, resulting in high engagement and thus, virality. 

KitKat’s catchphrase take a break isn’t even written on the creative here, yet I’m sure we were all thinking about it when we first saw it. A great example of a simple yet incredibly effective advert and how being consistent with your brand over time allows for subtle messaging henceforth.


Once a brand has what the 90’s classified as a “slogan” it can hugely impact the effectiveness of any of the advertising outputs it produces. 

Specsavers is a great example of this. They have been drumming their slogan “Should’ve gone to Specsavers” into our minds for years and have been undeniably consistent with this message. To the point where I’m sure we’re all guilty of claiming it for a classic dad joke from time to time. 

This has meant that 4 words on a white banner with just their logo can now be manipulated to so many amazing ads that have a huge impact. 

This has all meant Specsavers have now got very creative when it comes to their out of home ads, they often try and have fun with the ads and make them memorable for audiences.


Ah Oatly, you have always been great when it comes to being disruptive in a market, and your out of home ads don’t change that. 

What we like the most about Oatly’s approach to out of home advertising is the lack of hard selling, pushy ads. They just go for personality that makes you remember them. Oatly have always been about the community, and how they can resonate with them. From the language they use, to the positioning of the product, they always get it right when it comes to knowing what your audience will remember you for.


In the next 3-5 years we are going to see a lot of 3D digital ads, they have been massive in the Chinese market to date, and not really seen within Europe just yet, but of course here at 303 we love them. 

They are taking tech to the next level, while advertising amazing products, JEEP being a ambitious and exciting brand, having ultised this to the max!

💰  Elon Musk purchased 9.2% of Twitter

🔎  Google has released a retail search tool to improve discovery on the engine

✍️   Twitter is testing a ‘collabs’ feature that will allow users to co-author tweets with brands and a new feature allowing brands to release Interactive Text Ads where advertisers can link words with landing pages

✅  Instagram verifies 35 virtual influencers

💌  70% of consumers believe physical mail makes them feel more valued


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