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How Aimé Leon Dore Became a Fashion Powerhouse

Aimé Leon Dore is the fashion powerhouse of NYC and Hypebeast- approved brand. Hailing from Queens, New York, Aimé Leon Dore honours its hometown through heritage-driven fashion exuding quality craftsmanship. Founder Teddy Santis channelled his Greek roots and love for vintage clothing into a label celebrating the eclectic style of NYC’s communities.

Through authentic storytelling and premium garments, Aimé Leon Dore has ascended from a small shop to globally coveted phenomenon. The brand has collaborated with some of the most iconic names in the sneaker world, such as New Balance, Nike and Adidas, as well as luxury brands like Woolrich and Drake’s.

Teddy Santis, the founder of Aimé Leon Dore, knows how to generate hype. But he does not rely on loud and flashy tactics like Supreme and its ilk. Rather, he creates a quiet and refined buzz that draws people in.

Aimé Leon Dore stands out from the crowd of Instagram brands, resellers and Gen-Z trends with one key quality: authenticity. The brand is rooted in Santis’s own background and his influences from music, culture and lifestyle. What makes it even more appealing (and annoying at the same time)? He hardly ever gives interviews, and only teases his followers with glimpses of his upcoming collections and photos on the brand’s Instagram account, which has almost 1.1 million followers. He never posts anything on his own account. He mixes inspiration images with a pin emoji and shots from his lookbook and editorials on the Aimé Leon Dore feed, and recently showed off his colourful Wallabee shoes made of pure wool in collaboration with Clarks Originals.

Since 2014, the brand has built a loyal fanbase of both hypebeasts and fashion enthusiasts with its neo-heritage style. The label offers something for everyone: some love the classic and timeless vibe that combines streetwear and college essentials. Others are impressed by the amazing collaborations that Santis has done with brands like Kith, New Era, Timberland, Woolrich, Drake’s and New Balance. The last one is probably the most famous, and has given a fresh New York touch to the NB 997, 990v2, 990v5 and the latest P550s sneakers – adding a bit of Queens flair that has been Santis’s trademark since he grew up there with his Greek parents.

The brand has many fans among the It-girls and celebrities. Emily Ratajkowski wore several comfy outfits from the brand during her lockdown, while Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid snapped up the popular P550s.

The brand’s success is not only due to the clothes, but also to its mysterious and exclusive image. The fans are part of a community that feels special for being aware of the brand. Santis is a creative who can make his mark in different and surprising ways, without losing his focus. For example, he customised a Porsche in a unique way last year. It was the first time that Porsche officially approved a vintage 911 restoration.

Aimé Leon Dore is a brand that has mastered the art of storytelling and has created a strong and consistent identity that sets it apart from the rest. The brand has proven that it is possible to create a successful fashion label without compromising on its vision, values and quality. Aimé Leon Dore is a brand that is here to stay and to inspire.

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