THREADs by Meta: Is this the new twitter?

Have you heard of THREADs by META? It’s a revolutionary new social media platform that is taking the internet by storm. THREADs by META combines the best of Twitter and other social media networks into one seamless, streamlined experience. With THREADs, users are able to create ‘threads’ of conversations, allowing them to discuss topics in an organized and efficient manner. It’s the perfect platform for connecting with friends, family, and colleagues, and it’s quickly becoming the go-to platform for staying up-to-date on current events.

What is Threads by Meta?

Meta‘s been developing its version of Twitter. And here’s a surprise! This app, which will be launched on July 6th, is named Threads.

You are now able to “pre-save” Threads on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. In the App Store preview, the screenshots show a “thread” (post) with a heart (like), speech bubble (reply), two-arrow loop (repost to your own feed) and paper plane icon (share elsewhere/directly) as well as like and reply counters.

There’s also a preview of a reply-limiting function that divides the potential audience for an individual “New thread” into Anyone, “Profiles you follow”, and “Mentioned only”.

Most crucially, the app is connected directly to Instagram. Not only does the App Store page list its name as “Threads, an Instagram app” but users will be able to log in using their Instagram credentials and handle and choose who to follow on Threads from the list of the people they already follow on Instagram.

According to earlier reports on the app — formerly known only by the codename “Project 92” — it will have a centralized main feed, and users who are already blocked on Instagram will remain blocked by those accounts on the new platform.

Meta’s building anticipation in other ways, too. By typing “threads” into the Instagram search page brings up a ticket emoji, which you can tap to generate your own shareable countdown.

Meta is throwing everything at their “Twitter killer app”, it’s going to be interesting to see the user response one it is live on Thursday 6th July.

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