4 tools you should be using for Meta Ads

There are many ways to make your Meta ads better, but are you using the right tools to help you along the way?

If you’re looking to get inspired by ads or analyse your campaigns on a deeper level, then it’s important to gather essential information to help you make your next move. Meta provides some fantastic tools to make building campaigns more efficient and effective.

Which is why we have gathered our 4 top picks to help you dive deeper into your ads and take your campaigns to the next level.

Ad library

The Ad Library is an underused tool by many businesses that use Meta Ads. It is a great way of gathering inspiration for your creatives & copywriting. A good method to start with is to look at the leaders in your industry and analyse their advertising approach. What type of content are they using most? What type of messaging are they using? 

Additionally, you’ll be able to gather insights into their most successful ads, as these will likely be the ones that have been running the longest.

View Ad Library

Recommended Images

If you see an image in your content library with a star in the bottom right corner, then it is regarded as a recommended image by Facebook. This recommendation will be based on the image’s quality, resolution and placement comparability. 

So, whether you’re trying to decide on an image to use for your ad or get insights into the overall quality of an image, the recommended tool is a quick and easy way of helping you do so.

Dynamic creatives

The traditional way of testing creatives would be to split them into different ad sets. However, dynamic creatives allow you to test up to 10 creatives at once in a single ad set. This means you can test quicker and keep the data in one place. 

The more you let Facebook take control of your data, the more it can optimise your ads.

Facebook insights

If you’re looking to learn more about your audience and find suggestions for targeting, Facebook insights are a brilliant tool for doing this. Here you can review content insights, overarching traffic trends and incredible detail about your audience. It’s a great way to get a clear picture of just who is following, watching and liking your content. This can be found using the little magnifying glass when reviewing ads at an ad set level.

Gathering all this information will allow you to adapt your creatives & copywriting to your audience on a more detailed level.

Give these tools a try and see if they help you understand what content to use in your Meta Ads. If you want more support, drop an email to hey@303.london – we’re here to help! 

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