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Overview of our Creative Services

Here at 303 we have a full time, in-house creative team built up of editors, videographers, photographers, designers and creative strategists – all the people needed to breathe life into your brand.

Our team of passionate creatives bring supreme creativity to our clients through fostering an environment that encourages collaboration and evolution. The output is creatives that are distinctive, cohesive to each partner and most importantly, effective performers.

As a creative agency our purpose is to bring the next big ideas to our clients, allowing them to develop and scale. These ideas come from our creative strategists and wider creative team, who work to bring forward thinking ideas to the table.

Creatives who understand performance

We believe creative assets are one of the most influential factors in the performance of an account.

This is why it is integral that any creative at 303 has a strong understanding of what they are creating and why they are producing it. Ensuring the creatives understand the purpose of the asset allows for the team to produce assets that are visually beautiful, but also efficient performers. After understanding the purpose, our creatives need to understand who their asset is targeting and what platform their asset will be used on. This overall collaboration allows creatives to create the best possible assets, whether they be a social ad, an email marketing campaign, or an e-commerce shoot.

The continuous flow of information between our digital and creative team ensures that this understanding is constantly progressing and that the teams are at the forefront of industry trends. Working in tangent drives efficiencies that are all too often missed elsewhere.

Video Production

As platforms within digital marketing have progressed over the last few years, video content has become increasingly important when building a brands’ online identity.

At 303, our creative team has been built to work effectively on video production projects, including pre-production, to create engaging and dynamic videos that support brands in staying relevant on those platforms.

Our video production team works across every type of video creative – from product launches to digital ads – in both a one-off capacity or retained basis.

Motion Graphics

An element of creating engaging branded content comes from the motion graphic work that is produced on top of the video content or stills. Including exciting motion graphics within content allows for better communication to audiences consuming that asset. This can be from helping to communicate the USP’s of a brand or product, to making an unmissable call to action that stops the infinite scroll!

From data that we have seen within performance adverts, motion graphics can heavily support engagement and performance. With in-depth insights directly from our paid media specialists, the creative team use them to identify opportunities with the assets, which when implemented, help maximise performance.


At 303, we understand the need for quality and quantity. This is why our client services team work with our creative team to ensure that we don’t compromise on the standard of the imagery to meet the the high demands of newness that platforms have.

Our studio, situated in our West London office, allows us to produce a wide range of assets for our partners. From e-commerce shoots to product only stills and GIFs, the studio allows us to work efficiently with our clients and be reactive for our media team.

Our photography capabilities don’t stop here. Our team are often out on location working with clients to help produce still assets that can be used across all digital marketing channels. Thanks to our collaborative, in-house environment, we also have an extremely efficient pre-production process where everything is communicated under one roof.

Graphic Design

The strength of a brand’s identity is now more important than ever. Industries are highly competitive and often saturated.

In order to stand out, you need to be able to communicate your brands values and personality to the right audience. Graphic design is a valuable facilitator of this due to the way it can embody and develop a brand.

Our team of graphic designers are well versed in what can be done to enhance a brand and the performance of their assets. The specialists work across every element of digital marketing which includes full rebrands, social ads and packaging.

Creative Strategy

Creative strategy is where the creative purpose comes into full force. Our team of creative strategists understand exactly what needs to be produced and work collaboratively to pull together an overarching creative strategy that will meet all the deliverables whilst ensuring the visual identity of the brand is not compromised.

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