Hælf is a community-powered UK retailer for the highest quality products across 4 pillars of health: Eat, Move, Mind, Sleep.
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Hælf’s Challenge

Hælf partnered with us as a new brand that wanted to enter the market. In order to support their launch, we developed out a full service digital marketing strategy that incorporated content production, paid media and email marketing handled by 303.

Our Strategy

Hælf had a clear aesthetic that they wanted throughout their marketing so we developed a content led marketing strategy that allowed for a tailored and unique creative for each serviceline, building out their brand identity and establishing a consistent brand aesthetic throughout their lunch.

The brand vision was to be minimalist with a sense of luxury highlighted by the use of light, shadows and attention to detail. With this in mind, we set up multiple studio shoots to generate creative for our paid and email campaigns.

For our paid activity, we used a mixture of brand videos and graphic stills to drive brand awareness and moved on to UGC testimonial videos to start building trust with a warmer audience.

For the email marketing strategy, we developed all flows including a launch flow for incoming leads that were brought in through paid activity. We used this list to nurture those who had signed up and then finally launch the product a few weeks later. Once the product had gone live, our flows really came into their own – driving conversions and keeping readers engaged. In addition to the automated flows, our strategy included sending out 2x newsletters per month and monitoring results of the emails (Clicks/Opens) to see how our newly built list was responding.

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