Lottie is a digital marketplace that allows care seekers to search, compare, and connect with the UK’s leading care homes, at a fair price. Founded in 2021, Lottie has already proven to be a disruptive force in the care home industry through incredibly impressive results in its first 6 months.

Having partnered with a number of the biggest care providers in the country, Lottie’s mission is to remove the stress and complexity from the search for quality care. Through expert advice, bespoke recommendations, and pricing transparency, Lottie helps care seekers and their families save time, stress, and money.



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Lottie’s Challenge

Lottie and 303 partnered ahead of its market entry to establish a launch strategy that grew brand awareness among a relevant audience and begin to generate high quality leads and enquiries for Lottie’s service, eventually placing care seekers in partner homes. 

Our Strategy

We deployed a strategy to achieve these above goals by utilising paid media activity on Facebook, Instagram and Google. It was clear from our research that search volume was high for a number of terms that Lottie were interested in targeting, so that is why Google advertising, specifically through paid search, was selected to be used. Paid social was used to cost effectively drive awareness and traffic in a very targeted way based on age groups and geographic location.


Just 6 months into our partnership, Lottie is recognised as a key player in the care home industry. It has increased its offering through onboarding new partners and has placed over 100 residents into care homes. The paid media strategy has been supported by 303’s social and PPC strategy of constant testing and optimization. This is evident by increasingly cost-effective lead generation and constant scaling across platforms. By month 5, we had scaled the media spend across PPC and paid social by over 4 times.

303’s commitment to their clients and their work has played a big part in Lottie’s success to date. With an extremely knowledgeable and personable team, we’re extremely happy to be part of the 303 family.

Will Donnelly, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Lottie 

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