Founded in 2020, Medeau was created by husband and wife duo Ali and Ed Stubbings, when looking for a clean, non toxic perfume. When Ali was pregnant, she was looking for a luxury scent that was non-toxic but had no luck. The luxury market was flooded with irritants, synthetic dyes, alarming preservatives and unnecessary plasticisers. Medeau was then created and born out of this need for a clean fragrance. Inspired by the freshness of English flowers, French luxury and backed by science, Medeau boasts an ingredient list with a conscience as clean and transparents as its bottle. Born and bred in the UK, their fragrances are 100% vegan and have no toxic ingredients, dyes or endocrine disruptors.

Medeau Case Study
Medeau Case Study


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Medeau’s Challenge

Medeau approached 303 a few months into their journey looking for support with their digital marketing. They were after increased brand awareness and ultimately more sales.

Our Strategy

Medeau and 303 worked together to drive this brand awareness, creating a number of brand videos and engaging content to ultimately drive more sales each month. We did this through a Paid Media strategy, email marketing and content creation.

Six months into the partnership, Medeau launched four new products and worked with 303 to ensure these launched with success on release day. The launch approach was twofold. Firstly, generate awareness, engagement and purchases through a considered Paid Media plan. Targeting Facebook and Google, 303 identified and targeted valuable lookalike audiences with engaging creative which yielded impressive results.

Secondly, to support this, the team worked to drive traffic and buzz for the new product launch with an email marketing campaign to match. This was imperative to ensure that those engaged with the brand and signed up to the newsletter already, were excited about the launch, and valued by the brand. 303 developed a series of flows including newsletters, abandon cart and remarketing to ensure that the contact list was fully utilised and maximised.

303 has a culture and skillset that has delivered significant results for our business, combining the ability to create highly professional, polished creatives on the one hand, with a project management team that’s “always on” and delivering for us.

Ed Stubbings, Co-Founder, Medeau

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