Needs No Label

Needs No Label is a newly launched clothing brand which aims to provide women with gorgeous prints in flattering feminine shapes.
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Needs No Label’s Challenge

303 were approached by Needs No Label pre-launch to support them with creating and establishing a digital presence. They needed guidance on how to launch a brand digitally; everything from building out a digital personality (TOV and aesthetic) to what platforms/methods to invest in and at what stage. The ultimate goal was to get the brand on as many screens as possible, to raise awareness and result in conversions.

Our Strategy

Building out the brand started with a workshop to refine the brand’s visual language and identity. From this, we prioritised content creation (to live on their website and performance marketing channels), organic social media management and paid social.

Our organic strategy prioritised reach. Knowing that we needed to introduce new eyes to the brand, it was important to get the word out to as many profiles as possible. With this, we leveraged the power of the algorithms to appear on discovery pages and get those all important views. After testing of both platforms and creatives (CTAs, hierarchy of messaging and content buckets), we curated strategies for each social channel (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube shorts in order of priority) to ensure that our reach targets were hit.

To amplify the results felt on organic social media, we deployed a gifting strategy where we gifted micro-influencers who interacted with the brand on socials. This strategy allowed us to showcase relatable content to our clients audience with women of different sizes, ages and styles. We also invested in building out the community aspect of Needs No Label by promoting engagement on the organic channels. Ensuring that all engagements were reacted to by the brand and that they prioritised the community, helped us to achieve incredible organic reach and credibility.

Creative Strategy

The creative strategy for Needs No Label started with building out their website aesthetic. We used a studio setting to ensure a focus on the prints and models which would be relatable to our customer. We wanted prospects to connect with the personalities on the screen and trust them with their purchases.

Once this was established, we looked to test out a variety of creatives on other marketing channels (paid and owned social). One content type we prioritised was UGC-style content. Although these were shot in studio/on location under 303’s direction, we aimed to create a style that seemed relatable and aspirational for the consumers. We rolled this type of content out on both paid and owned channels and saw brilliant results from this content.

In addition to user generated content, we wanted to ensure that the feed still felt premium and showcased the variety of products efficiently. On organic feeds, we included a variety of edited stills and more premium short form content to ensure that the full range of products was highlighted in a style that reflected the brands ethos.

When it came to the assets ran on paid channels, our graphic design team developed out a suite of graphic treatments which were deployed for sequential ‘drops’ of various collections and could be added to various assets to increase the brand exposure and elevate the content.

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