PRESS is on a mission to help people look and feel their best through the power of natural, plant based nutrition. They have a range of juices, soups, cleanses and diet plans to help customers on their journey to living a happier, healthier and more balanced life.

PRESS’ Challenge

PRESS has an internal set up that executes organic social, paid media and email marketing in house, but sometimes require additional support when it comes to the execution of creative campaigns to deploy across the above channels. The PRESS team needed to work with a partner that can interpret their vision and convert it into reality exactly as planned. They need a creative partner who understands what makes a effective asset and performance that is required.

Our Strategy

We have developed a brilliant rapport with the team at PRESS and have established a way of working that feels like the creative team at 303 are an extension of their internal marketing team. PRESS come to us with creative campaign ideas that they would like to translate into reality and we are able to collaborate to bring these visions to fruition with a bit of guidance from the creative team who understand the performance requirements of the assets, as well as the need for the output to be up to the quality that PRESS expects.

When PRESS approaches us with a creative campaign, we dive into the campaign in more detail; what is the aim of the campaign, what audience are we targeting, what platforms and channels is it to be deployed across and therefore DIM’s require. Finally we get a clear understanding of what products/services we’re promoting and understanding the key USPs and brand messaging we need to convey in this piece of creative. Once this is clearly understood, we kick off the pre to post-production journey and ensure all goals set are achieved.

Creative Strategy

PRESS came to 303 with a campaign concept that needed to be brought to life. The campaign was “Health Delivered” and was born out of the need to communicate the value and benefits of cleansing, as well as the ease of PRESS being delivered to your door.

With a clear understanding of the campaign purpose and platforms for distribution, we work closely with the PRESS team to bring the concept to life and created 2x hero videos for each concept (Health Delivered and Benefits of the Cleanse) with a cut down for each to be used as social ads.

As the assets were going to be rolled out on performance ads (with a target of acquisition), organic social and owned media, we leaned heavily on ASMR to bring this film to life, such as sounds of nature, bustling city activities and bottle lids to resonate with viewers and capture their attention in an otherwise cluttered space.

Another shoot we partnered with PRESS on was centered around UTOPIA. The PRESS UTOPIA shoot was based around the relationship we as humans have with nature and how we can better look after and coexist with the nature around us. We worked with Fashion Designer Piero D’Angelo and photographer Annie Reid to bring the PRESS vision to life. 303 was the creative mediator, sourcing models, backgrounds, lighting and post processing.

The final output was a selection of high-fashion images used across their various media platforms to promote their new line of drinks.

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