Sacred Gold

Sacred Gold is a Fine Jewellery and Piercing Haven. Their stores around London and online showcase Europe’s largest selection of BVLA fine body jewellery and their renowned piercers specialise in jewellery curations, creating beautiful body adornment for all of London.

Sacred Gold Instagram
Sacred Gold Instagram
Sacred Gold Instagram


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Sacred Gold’s Challenge

Sacred Gold needed to build out their online brand presence, drive footfall to their stores and increase purchases on their website. They recognised in order to do this, they needed to enhance their creative and amplify it efficiently across multiple channels.

Our Strategy

303 partnered with Sacred Gold to do just this. Establishing a consistent brand identity and aesthetic to build brand affinity and foster personal relationships with consumers and the brand. On establishing the creative direction, 303 rolled out a comprehensive amplification strategy. This strategy was twofold; organic and owned marketing and paid media.

For the organic and owned stream, 303 implemented a robust plan for amplification via Sacred Gold’s organic social media channels. Pairing the stunning content with effective copy has established Sacred Gold as the leading fine jewellery and piercing boutique in London.

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