Sigma Sports

Sigma Sports is the UK’s leading cycling retailer. Since opening their doors in 1992, they have grown from a local bike shop to an online retailer stocking the best brands for cyclists of all abilities. They are an established hub for cycling in South West London with a continuous aim of getting more people on road bikes.


Increase in ROAS in 3 months


Increase in meta purchase volume


Increase in meta revenue in 3 months

Sigma Sports’ Challenge

We started working with Sigma Sports at the start of 2022 in a creative and paid social capacity. With spring just around the corner, they were looking to increase levels of brand awareness and prime their paid social channels, to capitalise on the most effective way possible for those getting back into cycling for summer.

Our Strategy

We set an objective of driving a high volume of traffic to Sigma Sports’ site (at a low cost), reaching a record number of users and driving an increase in revenue as well as ROAS.

We also wanted to find what products resonated most heavily with our audience on ads. Our key finding was that ad creatives including shoes and mid range bikes drove the highest levels of click through.

To reach this, we initially split the paid social budget to push for 2 objectives; awareness and conversions with budget splits sitting at 20/80. With this, we included always-on activity, campaign & product launches and catalogue advertising. Overtime, it was clear that there was a lot to test and learn from a content, copy and optimisation perspective, so budgets were allocated per objective, with an additional budget specifically for testing.

Sigma Sports has a strong brand identity that we wanted to capitalise on and have translated into how the company was visually presented.

We found the best performing videos were awareness videos, particularly the “Café Ride” series trailers that we distributed. The Café Ride trailers both had a fun & playful tone, making it more approachable than a standard conversion ad. Additionally, they show well renowned cyclists which helped make the videos stand out and become more intriguing to the audience.

To further increase brand awareness and levels of traffic from Meta to their site, in the run up to spring, we created the Where Passion Meets Performance Campaign. This was a short and highly engaging video showing a multitude of cyclists and products in a diverse range of settings and locations.

When it came to creative for conversion ads, we tested a numerous formats. Everything from eye-catching Stop Motion video, through to product unboxing videos and spotlight infographic images.

Creative Campaigns

The Where Passion Meets Performance campaign comprised of repurposed assets from the Sigma YouTube channel in order to create a short, exciting and visually impactful video.

The aim of the video was simple. Have a strong hook and high retention rate, and once we had our audience captivated by the vast array of products, locations and riders, drive those viewers to the Sigma Sports website.

The long form video published on YouTube pre-roll and meta ads achieved 146,000 views of over 25% of the video. The success of the campaign here meant that we quickly closed in on our goal of driving traffic to the Sigma Sports website. With this traffic, we aimed to convert it into customers purchasing new bikes and kit in the spring, before peak cycling season in summer.

After testing and learning, we optimised our targeting and found that males over the age of 30, interested in the Tour De France, had highest conversion rates and thus were an audience that was heavily prioritised.

The Where Passion Meets Performance campaign had a ROAS goal of 13:1 by the end of month 3. We achieved this and by month 5, achieved a ROAS of 14.8:1.

In October 2021 Sigma Sports approached Ralle* to support in developing a campaign to promote Black Friday sales. This campaign was to be rolled out on organic, paid social and owned media. Sigma’s ambition was to inspire riders who had fallen out of the habit/out of love with riding.

This campaign was designed to inspire people off the sofa and back on their bikes. From this, ‘The Anti Sofa Social Club’ was born. We sought to show the last minute plans of a group of friends getting together for a brisk autumn ride. The 303 team shot a cinematic hero video using 6k cine cameras and a DJI Inspire drone team that was cut into a number of ads for different social platforms.

*Ralle is now part of 303 London.

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