The Tumeric Co

The Turmeric Co came into existence after Thomas-Robson Kanu became frustrated with traditional forms of medicine and rehab techniques as a young hopeful footballer. Medical experts had written off his potential career when Kanu was only 17 years old but rather than listen to them he turned to the natural healing powers of Turmeric.

Kanu realised that turmeric could be used as a mechanism to aid and expedite recovery from injury. He began to combine turmeric with fresh and natural ingredients to be consumed in shot form which resulted in him continuing his career and proving those medical experts wrong.

The Turmeric Co’s Challenge

The Turmeric Co were beginning to make moves and pick up traction in their market but were unsure of how to actively grow and engage their organic audience across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Our Strategy

Recognising that emotive and insightful creative engages and resonates with followers, 303 partnered with The Turmeric Co to create and implement a content-focused strategy incorporating their ambassadors, showing production processes as well as the origin story and team behind the brand.


This resulted in informative and aesthetic content which educated followers about the brand and what it stands for, resulting in strong brand affinity and loyalty and ultimately, sales. 303 assisted the brand in transitioning from infancy to the high growth FMCG brand that it is today, via the optimisation of organic social media and content creation.

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