Instagram Marketing and Growth Agency for DTC brands

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2.83% CTR
2.98% Conversion Rate

What does the service include?

As a creative digital agency, 303 provides a full service to our partners for Instagram marketing. From managing Instagram ads to developing the creative assets that will be used within paid and organic campaigns. Our digital team also provides insightful monthly reports to all of our partners. 

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What are the main benefits you will get from this service?

Instagram advertising has become one of the most popular advertising platforms in recent years. On top of its visual nature, Instagram ads drive both traffic and conversions for brands cost effectively. The platform also benefits from the full suite of targeting options that exists within the wider Meta ecosystem.

Crucially, 303 have a proven track record of utilising Instagram advertising to drive significant return on ad spend for our partners. It is also an essential organic platform to be used to act as social proofing for the ads, as well as act as a digital shop front and important channel of communication between your brand and your customers. 

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How will the service be deployed and what are the steps?

Upon onboarding a new Instagram partner, our team will gain access to the organic and ad account (or set one up if appropriate) and begin an extensive audit. The team will seek out what is working well, where we can achieve quick wins and analyse the data to establish our future strategy.

Whilst the paid social and organic team are media planning, our creative team will get briefed on the assets that need to be created for all stages of the marketing funnel. Once planning and strategising is complete and approved, we will go live with the campaigns. Thereafter, we will add our partners to our data analytic dashboards for regular updates on performance, and our paid media team will continually optimise and monitor the ads.

Why should you choose Instagram?

Instagram has quickly become a primary advertising channel for direct to consumer brands due to its ever-improving e-commerce features, its highly engaging visual nature and desirable user groups.

Why 303?

303’s early-adopting team of creative and media specialists are well versed in the nuances of Instagram. An ever-evolving platform with frequent updates, we ensure that our partners have bespoke creatives partnered with a data-led approach to ensure maximum ROI for all features. 

Case Study

Collecting Cars

303’s partnership with Collecting Cars found Instagram to be an effective platform to generate bids on their car auctions, as well as enquiries for cars to auction in the future.

Using engaging copy and creative, CTR tripled and ads attributed to 10,000+ bids on the Collecting Cars platform. Having got to a satisfactory point of optimisation across Google and the paid social platforms, budget has been scaled throughout the UK, Europe, Australia and most recently the USA.

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What metrics do you use to measure organic success?

The best metrics to measure organic success on Instagram are Follower Growth Rate, Engagement per Follower, Post Likes, Comments, and Reach. And as more ecommerce and general businesses transition to Instagram’s compelling marketplace, the platform’s ‘Insights’ allows tracking of Sales, making it an indispensable tool to not only see which of your products work, but also see what doesn’t.

How do you grow followers on Instagram?

Follower growth is a bit more tricky. It involves a plethora of factors, including keeping a consistent content calendar, spreading your Instagram across all platforms, posting content around what your community wants, making use of all content types, and using appropriate hashtags. At the heart of it, similar to growing a YouTube or Tik Tok page, lies the element of consistent theming. If you maintain a page that promotes a narrative and is consistent in doing so, people get on board with it, and chiefly, they stick around.

What is video good for and what are stills best for?

Video is fantastic for increasing awareness of a new brand or product and stills often perform more successfully when pushing for a sale. Video is great for storytelling and statistics show that they get the most engagement on Instagram. However, stills are great for capturing aesthetics and the finer details of your subject.

How effective is video on Instagram?

Short answer: highly effective. Long answer: video content, namely Reels, which have dominated the platform as a result of the hyper-success of Tik Tok, are a huge success indicator. Video is still the best mode of organic reach on Instagram, with research showing quite starkly that of all content types on the platform, videos also get the most engagement.

Do you need an organic Instagram page to run Instagram ads?

It is best practice to have a presence organically on Instagram, before promoting your brand on Instagram ads. This is because some users may click through to the page and want to explore the brand further – if there is no page, this can make the brand look illegitimate. This is known as social proofing and is recommended to all of our new and existing clients.

Who is on there?

As of 2022, there are over 1 billion Instagram users worldwide. In the United Kingdom specifically, there are now over 30 million Instagram users. Which is approximately 46% of the entire population. The largest share of Instagram users in the UK is the 25-34 age group.

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