Linkedin Marketing for Premium Brands

0.2 Cost per View
LinkedIn Service Line
30% View Rate
4.50 CPC

What does the service include?

LinkedIn ads work similarly to other social media ads, but need amended creative to capture the attention of users on the platform. When 303 work with clients on LinkedIn, we manage the process from start to finish – planning the media spend, organic strategy, developing creatives and implementing and optimising within the platform.

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What are the main benefits you will get from this service?

LinkedIn is a platform for consumers to network and connect with people who have a similar business ethos to them. It is therefore a fantastic platform for a brand to also communicate with these people and become involved in key conversations. An organic profile is essential in social proofing your brand but using LinkedIn ads, 303 can increase the visibility of your brand and connect with like minded customers who are highly likely to purchase from your business. 

Paired with high quality content, which can be crafted by our in-house creative team, LinkedIn may outperform other platforms, which reach a larger, but arguably less valuable target audience.  Using LinkedIn Ads for a partner recently saw promoted video receive a view rate of 30% which is 3x higher than average view rates seen on the platform.

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How will the service be deployed and what are the steps?

When starting on LinkedIn, we firstly want to understand what target audience is already engaging with your brand on the platform; what industries are they in? Are they older or younger? What types of job roles do they work in? What sort of content are they engaging with? From here, we will pair this information alongside your desired target audience and begin media planning for how we will reach the audience. When onboarding, we may need to implement tracking onto the website before we set ads live.

Once ads are live, we will optimise creative, copy and audiences over time, to ensure results are the best they can be. We take a similar approach with the organic strategy; after an extensive audit of target audience and competitors, we will strategically plan content to engage with users.

This platform, in an organic sense, is less of a “shopfront” as other social platforms, and so the strategy needs to be tailored to this audience accordingly. 303 will create a strategy full of informative and educational posts that encourage engagement resulting in stronger social proofing.

Why should you choose LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has quickly become far more than a corporate networking tool. Increasingly, users utilise the platform for rich media posting, sales, and even blogging. Crucially for advertisers, LinkedIn enables incredibly in-depth, granular targeting which can be extremely lucrative as targets are more highly qualified than on other platforms.

Users are also increasingly showing more interest in DTC business’ journeys. LinkedIn is a great way to gain users trust and loyalty through organic content shared.

Why 303?

303’s historic working relationships with direct to consumer brands has meant that LinkedIn has often been used to target affluent consumer groups. The ability to target based on job title and company is incredibly valuable and has proven to yield strong results. Despite a much higher CPM than other platforms, demographic and behavioural targeting can be done to great effect, especially when paired with engaging creative.

Case Study

Fresh Fitness Food

Fresh Fitness Food were looking to reach their premium audience in new ways. Our concept was that their audience may be platform agnostic, and an integrated marketing approach was necessary to ensure the total available market was engaged with the brand.

LinkedIn was a great option to reach their audience of gym fanatical, time poor businessmen who use the product to save time and keep healthy. Using LinkedIn Ads, we promoted video content pushing for a high reach and view rate. Our ads achieved a view rate of 30% which is 3x higher than the average view rate seen on the platform.

LinkedIn Fresh fitness Food


Video View Rate






Is LinkedIn best for B2B marketing?

LinkedIn is used by companies and individuals to communicate predominantly about business. However, this does not mean it is a B2B platform. Consumers can be reached and pushed to convert on a product as they can on other social media platforms.

Who can you target on LinkedIn?

On LinkedIn you can target by professional demographics alongside usual demographics; location and interest targeting (Gender, age, city, country, groups and traits). The professional demographics include Job Experience, Job Seniority, Company Name, Company Industry, Company Size and Education.

Is LinkedIn expensive?

LinkedIn is more expensive than other social media platforms due to their detailed targeting options. Unlike Meta, we can target by job title, function, industry and many more features, allowing us to pinpoint the exact consumer we want to speak to. It may make it more expensive on the surface but for good reason.

Is LinkedIn best for lead generation?

LinkedIn offers a wide range of marketing objectives to push for, however it has been rated the Number 1 platform for Lead Generation. It is therefore an extremely useful platform for any business looking to generate a high volume of leads.

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