Our Approach

The creative digital agency has been evolving in many ways over the last 5-10 years. When 303 was first founded (originally as GreanTea Productions) our founder Olly Fawcett clearly saw what he thought was an opportunity that many others were yet to jump on.

That opportunity was to be able to bring a truly full service to your clients, as an agency you would build the strategy, develop the creative, create the content, distribute the creative within a campaign, and have a dynamic approach which allows you to change, alter and improve the performance by having complete control and visibility over the performance of creative within a campaign.

It all starts with the content. 
Social platforms were constantly evolving and the ability of a brand to get in front of their audience was becoming easier than ever before. As a creative himself, Olly thought that the focus needed to be predominantly on the content, and if it hit the right mark, the distribution and targeting would be easier as the creative would resonate with the audience. ​

Building a digital offering
The then called GreanTea Productions was primarily focussed on content creation, but from 2017, we started to build out our digital offering. This was purely because as a creative digital agency, we believed to gain the best results and performance for our clients, whether it be brand building or paid media acquisition, the creatives or digital strategists needed to be aligned and the more they understand about each element of the creative and distribution, the more effective they would be as a team and fundamentally, the better campaigns would perform.

Thats why we are different.
That belief has lead us to where we are today. Other agencies that are seen as our competitors (that could be media agencies or creative agencies) could compare themselves to parts of our model. But we are a hybrid agency that has both a media agency and creative agency under one roof, working closely together on our client accounts to find the wins that make a difference.

The old way:

The 303 way:

What does this model really mean? 

Very simply put, it means each of our specialists not only have their own knowledge, but are exposed to other areas within creative digital marketing. They also all have a good level of understanding of the different elements that they are less directly involved in, which leads to improved feedback to one another, and crucially, stronger performance for our clients. 


This model also means that each area of our services have a support network built around it, for us to take on a project or client, particularly in the direct to consumer space. For instance, our paid media team are supported by our creative team to get them the best assets that they need to drive improvement in performance across their campaigns.


Finally our team are all in house, we rarely use freelancers or contractors, as we believe that our team, who are trained by us to work in the collaborative hybrid way, are the strength to our agency and the reason why our clients perform as well as they do. 

For the Curious and the Ambitious.