Pinterest marketing and ads agency for Premium Brands

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£3.88 CPM
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0.48 CPC
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1.29% Engagement Rate

What does the service include?

Development of a content-led paid media strategy focusing on static imagery and video, which will grab a Pinterest user’s attention alongside organic content on the platform. Strategy will be developed alongside other platforms, where we look to understand how Pinterest impacts users at each stage of the funnel (predominantly at TOF). 

Average CPM:


What are the main benefits you will get from this service?

Pinterest is a fantastic way to engage with users right at the beginning of their search for a product. Pinterest acts as a discovery platform for ideas and inspiration, and if a brand can be involved right from this early stage, they stand a great chance of being considered for purchase later down the line.

Pinterest is a cheaper ad platform than other platforms like Google or LinkedIn, with CPCs hitting an average of £1.50 and CPMs sitting around £3.50 for the majority of our partners. 

Plus, the users on Pinterest are incredibly engaged. They want to see beautiful imagery and want to save (or pin) these for their future selves. Cost per engagement, as a result, is incredibly cheap, sitting at just 25p for the majority of our partners.

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How will the service be deployed and what are the steps?

When onboarding a new client, the team will do a deep dive into Pinterest. What competitors are using the platform? What do their creatives look like? What products are they pushing? How transactional is the content? What is your audience engaging with?

At this stage we will want to gain access to the ad account, to assess prior performance and/or ensure the account is set up correctly for ads to go live. From here, we will work on media planning; laying out the strategy, working on creative testing and allocating budgets per campaign – this will then be sent for approval to the client.

Once planning and strategising is complete and approved, we will go live with the campaigns. Thereafter, we will add our partners to our data analytic dashboards for regular updates on performance, and our paid media team will continually optimise and monitor the ads.

Why should you choose Pinterest?

Pinterest has proven to be a highly cost-effective traffic-driving platform for 303 partners. Pinterest is uniquely well-positioned to drive especially good results for businesses in the food & beverage and lifestyle sectors due to its loyal users being highly active and engaged on the platform

Why 303?

303’s hybrid model of digital and creative is well suited to Pinterest. Creative has a particularly strong impact on Pinterest performance, so our digital team work closely with creatives to ensure assets are well optimised for the platform.

We principally used Pinterest to push traffic and drive awareness for our partners, however, after testing, it has also proven to be effective for driving purchases.

Case Study

Fresh Fitness Food

Fresh Fitness Food is disrupting the health and nutrition industry and tasked 303 with prioritising budget to develop new audiences. Using organic style recipe content paired with strong branding, Fresh Fitness Food saw a significant increase in high-quality traffic landing on the site from Pinterest, as well as highly engaged customers increasing their awareness of the brand and what they offer.


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What is the purpose of Pinterest?

Pinterest collates users favourite stills and occasional videos into ‘Boards’. It seems to have monopolised the mood board building space, where the streamlined and clean UX lets Pinners get inspiration for anything from niche travel destinations to clothes.

Who is Pinterest for?

Pinterest is so malleable. From casual users to growing businesses wanting to expand across multiple platforms, it’s for anyone who wants to explore and show an interest. Users can choose to keep their boards and collections private, or to share them to your followers. Businesses can utilise the platform to extend their reach of products and to access a new, more curation-focused audience.

Why should I use Pinterest?

Whether it’s for inspiration or simply collating references for renovations, it’s a uniquely efficient and simple way for users to explore their hobbies and likes through imagery and video, where the algorithm suggests related posts by other creators that are usually pretty spot on.

This algorithm allows ads, therefore, to be placed on the boards of Pinners with high intent based on their interests resulting in high ROI. In an organic sense, it is a great way to create moodboards using your product. Giving more context to your brand, it encourages users to visualise your products in their environmen

What is the customer demographic?

The largest demographic that uses Pinterest is women, aged 25-34. However these statistics are changing everyday, with Gen Z using Pinterest more frequently year on year.

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