22 Essential Pinterest Statistics You Need to Know in 2022

444 Million people use Pinterest 

It might not seem as large as Facebook or Twitter, but 444 million is a massive audience, and as you will soon see, are very engaged.

Pinterest is the 14th largest social media site in the world 

Based on Monthly Active Users.  Although Pinterest isn’t the most popular, it is still home to 444 Million active users who might be prime for your brand.

18-24 year-olds are the largest users of Pinterest 

The benefits of social platforms only come if the audience you need is on there. Pinterest boasts a large audience segment in the 18-24 demographic – a particularly influential and impressionable demographic.

Eight out of ten Mums use Pinterest 

Mums are the primary decision makers when it comes to buying household products and services which is worth taking note of if you’re in this industry. To add another layer to this, 77.2% of Pinners identify as women which is important to remember.

86% of millennials use Pinterest to plan their big and small moments in life 

Pinterest is great for planning. Work out how your offering can contribute to these moments and how to appeal to this audience.

63% of users have used Pinterest to discover new products to buy

It’s primarily a discovery platform that allows users to visualise a desired outcome and plan steps to achieve this. If your product can sit within plans (think home renovations/interior design, event planning, menu planning, fitness regimes etc.) then it is worth seeing how you can get on this platform to get in front of those people.

97% of the searches do not include brand names 

Reiterating how this is a discovery platform where users are looking for inspiration and to be influenced. Make the most of this by identifying what search terms are relevant to your product, and how to get on those pins and pages. 

Pinterest’s total revenue increased by 20% in Q4 2021

The platform feels like it’s on an upward trend. More brands are choosing to advertise on the platform and we hope to see the revenue reinvested in the platform. 

Women aged 25-34 represent 29.1% of Pinterest’s ad audience 

Similar to the user demographics, women account for a large portion of the ad audience. When planning your creatives, keep this in mind.

86.2% of Pinterest users also use Instagram 

No huge surprises here, but interesting to see this isn’t 100%.

34% of Pinterest users earn between $50,000 and $74,999 per year 

Just over a third of the platform with a high salary – point of interest for premium brands out there.

Germany is the second-largest market for Pinterest users, with 17.5 million users 

After the USA, Germany are big users of the platform!

47% of social media users saw Pinterest as the platform for discovering and shopping for products 

Users have high intent to buy which is perfect for DTC brands. 

“Holiday” is the most popular search category on Pinterest in 2021

Tavel is taking a huge part of the search on the platform. Can this be leveraged by brands? Think packing lists, pre-holiday routines and post-holiday inspirations. 

Pins that promote a special sale or offer generate a 61% higher conversion lift 

Users are looking for a promotion or a deal but they don’t want to see brands cheapen their products. See what enticing offers you can include to strengthen that conversion rate. 

The average number of monthly searches on Pinterest is 2 billion

A lot of searches that can be taken advantage of here. 

Interactions with organic Pinterest Shopping pins increase by 44%

Another amazing statistic for shopping within the platforms, we think this will continue to rise. Also shows the importance of having a strong organic presence. 

5 billion Pinterest boards were created 

That’s a lot of boards which means a lot of opportunity! We have written a full blog post on boards check it out here.

Video views increased 200% in Pinterest

Pinterest historically has been associated with still images and graphics but it’s evolving. Be ahead of the curve and be at the forefront of this progression.  

85% of active users discovered a brand or product on Pinterest

Even in saturated markets discovery on the platform is still there. Make sure to do a robust set up of your profile so that new users understand your brand from the outset. 

Pinterest users are 80% more likely to go to retail 

We are of course here for the online activations, but it’s good to see there is also a positive impact on offline activity. It’s tricky to attribute this of course, but shows that brand driving activity can reap rewards on and off the platform. 

91% of Pinners log in at least once per month 

We know you log into other platforms every 5 minutes, but for a desktop led platform, this is a strong stat. 



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