The New John Lewis Christmas Ad Is Here

The new John Lewis’ Christmas ad is here – The Hotly anticipated ad spotlights the heartwarming story of Snapper, an unconventional Christmas tree. Snapper is lovingly nurtured from seed by young boy Alfie, despite the Venus flytrap-esque tree’s flaws. Initially met with hesitation from Alfie’s family, Snapper ultimately wins them over through earnest determination and the spirit of embracing new traditions.

The ad underscores John Lewis’ seasonal messaging that imperfections should be celebrated. As Snapper finds his rightful place atop the family’s Christmas table, the retailer reminds viewers that the holiday is about acceptance, hope and the magic of potential. Even alternative trees can become cherished with care. John Lewis’ tear-jerking narrative ads have become an iconic part of British holiday media. This year’s whimsical Snapper tale tugs at heartstrings with its underdog-turned-hero story, all while promoting the retailer’s festive offerings.

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