Puresport is an ecosystem of products founded in wellness and backed by science. It has an offering of natural products that enhance mental and physical wellness. It looks to leverage natural products to support long term health and aims to be the most tested and trusted range of products.
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Puresport’s Challenge

Puresport came to us with a clear goal; increase conversions from paid media by widening their audience to a broader wellness consumer, rather than their historical performance focused athletes. To achieve these goals, they did not want to dilute their existing brand identity and community feel they achieved with a previous rebrand. We saw these as valuable assets to involve in our strategy to achieve the paid media goal. 

Our Strategy

Our involvement with Puresport was in a creative and paid social capacity.

We focussed firstly on producing creative that converts. This meant elevating the existing creative they had established with their rebrand, but optimising it for conversion ads through the use of motion graphics.

To achieve this, we combined high levels product photography in our studio, with layers of motion graphics to make sure our creative cut through the noise.

Additionally, we identified messaging as a key component to growing their already highly engaged audience. To do this, we focussed on using the Puresport community as an asset. Using messaging and CTAs that leveraged their aspirational community members and testimonials is what yielded great results.

As well as UGC, impactful still imagery and engaging motion graphics, we also tested whitelisted influencer marketing. These ads achieved the highest results for us. Utilising the engaged audience of an influencer, giving a brief that was authentic to their content and showing how Puresport was a key part of their day and lifestyle, was our secret recipe.

We also supported Puresport with the launch of one of their new flagship products, Trust Your Gut. Within this campaign, we created a multitude of different creative to run as conversion ads across META. Below is one of our top performing creatives received a ROAS of 9:1.

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