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Rapport London is one of the UK’s leading luxury leather goods manufacturers specialising in watch and jewellery accessories. Rapport is still owned and run by the Rapport family, 124 years after its establishment and consequently is stooped in heritage and legacy. Over the years, Rapport has established a reputable international wholesale business and partnerships with an array of premium marketplaces including FarFetch and Mr Porter.


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YOY growth of the American market


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Rapport London’s Challenge

When Rapport approached 303, their online business was falling short. They had experienced years of slow growth and struggled to expand into desirable territories such as the USA and the Middle East. Rapport came to 303 with a brief of guiding them through a digital marketing transformation, developing an international e-commerce solution and developing strategies that would acquire customers at an aggressive rate. They set us the target of 50% online revenue growth year-on-year. There were also a number of deliverables, more related to brand and awareness growth.

Our Strategy

First and foremost, the project commenced to discover the most suitable e-commerce platform to bring Rapport in line with competitors and facilitate the ambitious targets that they had set us. They had an extensive list of requirements, principally related to multi-currency and language functionality, stock management and shipping. After extensive scoping and research, 303 consulted on the design and build of a Shopify Plus site, ensuring the user experience and front end design was sufficiently premium for Rapport’s customers to engage with. Meanwhile the backend was designed in close collaboration with Shopify to ensure Rapport’s international requirements were met.

Once the website was established and tested, 303 worked to begin aggressively acquiring customers in the UK and Europe. We developed an acquisition strategy that comprised of paid social advertising, PPC and email marketing. We built brand awareness and drove traffic to the new Rapport website by iterating on our most enticing creative.

After awareness was raised and traffic to the site had dramatically increased, we remarketed website visitors across social and programmatic to convert them and produce an overall ROI of 3:1.

Once we had gained significant momentum in the UK and Europe, Rapport tasked us with turning our attention to the USA. We developed a strategy that leveraged data-enriched audiences from our existing activity and triangulated this with our knowledge of the American luxury market and extensive geo-targeting. We localised creative assets and copy and sent traffic to their US store, where they were able to transact in US Dollars. The activity was incredibly successful and resulted in rapid growth of over 240% year-on-year.

Creative Campaigns

While the acquisition work was being conducted, a secondary brief from Rapport was set to celebrate the incredible craftsmanship of their British-made products, through stunning creative across their owned channels. We sought to partner Rapport products with high-end watches and jewellery, as well as other products that their audience like to engage with; such as classic cars, luxury hotels and property. We put together an owned media strategy which provided value for Rapport customers and gave people a clear reason to follow the Rapport social accounts and sign up to their newsletter.

Production has ranged from basic e-commerce shoots for the website and remarketing ads, all the way through to producing a TV advert which aired in the US.

Almost 2 years on from initially commencing our acquisition work for Rapport, the online business has grown by over 220%.

The creative assets that have been made for Rapport have resulted in millions of views, hundreds of thousands of engagements and have been a catalyst for the revenue growth.

In Rapport’s 125th year, we’re excited to celebrate the brand’s heritage, and to bring to life some colourful, exciting new products which are in the works!

What is impressive about 303 is their commitment to our brand. Their ideas & advice are granular and creative so that we can make very actionable and measurable decisions.

Katie Goldblatt, Director, Rapport

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