The WATERROWER | NOHRD Group provides consumers with a full range of fitness equipment centred around design, quality and performance. The WATERROWER range offers a highly realistic on-water rowing experience for any level user, while the handcrafted NOHRD range offers a full gym range consisting of strength, cardio and wellness equipment.

Together these ranges create a beautifully-crafted, cohesive fitness experience designed to be functional for anyone, in any space.

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Water Rower Instagram


YOY growth in revenue from 2022 to 2023


Total Q4 2022 revenue driven by email


Average ROI for 2022


WATERROWER | NOHRD wanted to rapidly grow their DTC business and pick up momentum to outperform its competitors.

Our Strategy

To tackle this goal for brand growth, 303 took a phased approach that allowed for awareness building that resulted in revenue driving activity.

PHASE 1 (2016) – Social media and content creation
PHASE 2 (June 2021) – Paid media and Google
PHASE 3 (Nov 2021) – Email
PHASE 4 (July 2022) – Re-Branding exercise

PHASE 1 (2016) – Social media and content creation
The partnership began in 2016 with social media management. This incorporated strategy, content creation and community management. By owning each of these areas, 303 was able to create content with a purpose ensuring learnings were constantly considered and implemented. 303 enabled the brand to move with the times, launching TikTok and YouTube Shorts channels and creating engaging short form content that consistently increases performance.

PHASE 2 (June 2021) – Paid media and Google
In June of 2021, 303 expanded our work with WATERROWER | NOHRD and introduced Paid Media. The brand was already spending highly on both Meta and Google platforms, but we believed we could improve the ROAS through the introduction of high quality creative content.
Over the past year and a half, we have been able to achieve impressive ROAS results, while also ensuring visual consistency across platforms driving regular community engagement (10+ comments daily) from potential customers.

PHASE 3 (Nov 2021) – Email
After three years of the partnership, 303 introduced email marketing to the brand. An account was set up through Klaviyo and 303 developed an email marketing strategy including flow development (design, copywriting and asset selection), formulation of audience lists, and a newsletter relaunch. We launched with three flows and within three months eight were live.

PHASE 4 (July 2022) – Global Re-brand
After working with the UK office since 2016, 303 was asked to host a global workshop with key stakeholders to help solve the challenge of global brand inconsistencies including both brand communications as well as visual look and feel.
During the workshop, 303 gathered key information which lead to a proposal of a new strategic direction for the brand. 303 is now in the process of working closely with the company owners to execute this new direction and will be rolling out new branding communications throughout 2023.

Creative Campaigns

As our partnership with WATERROWER | NOHRD has spanned over many years, we have worked on numerous campaigns together and therefore have access to a lot of data and have had the opportunity to test many different approaches. In order to ensure the successful execution of new campaigns, we use historic data to understand what the target customer will engage with and convert on, and replicate this going forward to ensure success, of course adding in fresh ideas, content styles and new tests.

A recent successful campaign we created was Roni. This was to show the home gym set up and how WATERROWER | NOHRD products can make the most aesthetic and effective additions to home gyms.

Another shoot we produced in 2022 was for the “On The Water Campaign”. The aim of this campaign was to highlight one of the key USPs of the product – that it really feels like you are on the water. We teamed up with British Rowing for this piece of content that was focused around brand awareness for paid activity, to feature on their website and be cut down for organic social.

We also shot a campaign under the title of Cotton Store. The focus of this shoot was to capture aspirational content optimised for paid media. We worked with our graphics team to ensure we shot with the end product in mind – giving us enough white space to add text, make graphic stills and fast paced videos.

With WATERROWER | NOHRD, we use a range of content for different objectives and channels. Having done thorough testing, we can now be fairly certain what will perform where, and as a result tailor creatives based on this.

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