Wildman customises watches from the finest horological brands including Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe. Using a range of the most advanced techniques we sympathetically transform iconic models into bespoke timepieces that reflect the interests, personality and style of it’s owner. 

2.6 Million

Organic Impressions in 6 months

1.2 Million

Accounts Reached in 6 months


Video views in 6 months

Wildman’s Challenge

We began working with Wildman at the start of 2023, focusing on their organic social media strategy, and content generation. As a premium brand, Wildman had goals of reaching new audiences, who could become new customers of the brand. With a bespoke service, their challenge as a business is that their customers often want certain levels of customisation to their luxury watches, which means their target audiences can be very specific, as the service wouldn’t be for every watch lover. Therefore, the challenge is also to target the right audiences within our approach.

Our Approach

Our approach to Wildman’s challenge was to focus on widening the reach of their organic social media channels. The strategy was to focus on building out the content distribution of their channels, which would reach more users. With a luxury & premium feel to the creative, we knew this would appeal to wider audiences, but more importantly, also appeal to potential buyers for Wildman.

The strategy focused on using Instagram Reels, TikTok and YouTube Shorts, as these platforms had the potential to distribute the content to wider audiences, as we were also focusing on international audiences this approach also supports the content being pushed in new markets such as the USA and Asia. 

As a premium brand, it was important that our creative also replicated the values and positioning of the Wildman brand. Therefore we ensure that we had the right blend of premium content, and user-generated content that would also perform on the platforms. 

Finally, as a new brand, are approach was to help define the ton of voice for the accounts, to do this we made sure to use messaging and copy that would be relatable to watch collectors, and would also resonate with their wants and needs. 


Email Marketing

Alongside our organic social media approach, we also run Wildman’s email marketing strategy and delivery. Using email marketing we are able to nurture new audiences and directly drive new leads and enquires to the brand.

The email marketing strategy for Wildman, has been designed to give value to audiences and help to educate them on certain watches and brands. As well as this the strategy is also to help educate the audiences on the Wildman offering, due to its wide scope and multiple options, using email marketing we showcase some of Wildman’s previous work to audiences which helps to inspire them on what they might want to create.

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