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How does Organic Social Media support growth?

As a creative social agency, we believe the primary use of organic social media should be to support short and long term growth by introducing new audiences to brands.

How is this done?

The algorithms now work in a way that is based on content posted, with far less weight on anything else (historically things such as follower numbers influenced the algorithm). Therefore, if you are producing and distributing the correct content at the right frequency on the right platforms, you have huge opportunity to reach vast audiences, regardless of the number of followers you have.

Organic social media should be used as a top of funnel activity to cast the net wide and get high numbers of eyes on the brand. From this, other methods can be used to take action and convert these prospects into customers.

The value of 303 is that we have constantly evolving knowledge on content, frequency of posting and platform insights to keep brands on top of the algorithm.

Prioritising short form video

Due to the rise in popularity of short form only platforms, such as TikTok, audiences are engaging more with short form video. This has resulted in other social media platforms prioritising short form to attract and retain users which is reflected in the algorithms.

Through prioritising short form content, your brand will gain algorithm features which in turn generates a wider audiences and increased brand awareness and salience. This ultimately provides brands with the opportunity to convert lower down the funnel.

Our creative led approach means that we look at all the formats of short form video to ensure variety in a brands feed. Of course, we do use other content styles (stills, long form etc.) but our team is skilled in knowing when and where to use the varieties.

Using the algorithms to grow

As outlined above, utilising algorithms is how brands are going to grow organically on social. Algorithms are constantly developing and changing to improve social platforms for users and brands.

Currently, the major platforms have become interest based algorithms which simply means content is served to users that are likely to engage. You therefore need to know what is going to engage your audience, so that you can reflect that in your content and reach wider audiences.

How to measure success

Historically, followers were a key measure for a brands success on social channels. At 303 we believe this is no longer the case. Although it has some value, user behaviour has changed diminishing its necessity as a success metric.

Not only has user behaviour changed, the platforms do not favour it either. With brands focus being on Discovery Pages, features and utilising the algorithms, the priority should be here, in which follower number does not influence. Therefore, the metrics we focus include reach, engagement rate & watch time among others.

Leveraging Organic for wider brand success

All too often, brands lack a solid organic social strategy but wonder why their results are disappointing. In the ever changing social media landscape it is essential in to have a solid strategy to ensure organic growth, but also to support other brand activity.

Organic social media, when used correctly, can have a positive impact directly on the brand, but also on other elements of a marketing strategy. Whether that be supporting paid social activity or email marketing campaigns, the benefits can be felt far wider than just on platform results.

How we grow brands on Organic Social:

Creative Led

Understanding what creative works is a key part of brand success on organic.

Monitoring performance on a variety of creative formats from short form, user generated content, professional and stills provides insight based decisions on content styles.

Volume & Scale

Platforms in 2023 require a lot of volume of posts for 2 reasons:

i. Testing to understand what format of creative works for that account

ii. To be favoured by algorithms


Understanding what type of engagement helps growth is a key part of success on social platforms.

We look at a range of metrics such as retention, saves and shares when measuring the success of engagement.

Platform SEO

Both TikTok and Youtube Shorts have prioritised serving content to users that they have been searching for on the platform and on Google.

It is important to make the most of these features while it’s still early.

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