6 Pinterest Boards you need to make for your brand

Pinterest has been one of the biggest platforms for organic growth over the last few years. We all know that it doesn’t match up with the likes of Instagram and Twitter, however it is still a key platform to use in order to grow the reach of your DTC brand. 

What’s the benefit of using Pinterest boards? Making Pinterest boards for your brand is a simple way to help “hack” the Pinterest algorithm. By creating pins that are made of content around your brand’s product, allows you to add them to a board that will give value to the audience. Let’s say you have a drinks brand, you can upload a few pins that include how to make fun drinks with your own brand, and then create a board that includes other drink ideas. Audiences will be suggested the board you have created, and then find your brand’s drinks. Simple! 

We have created 6 key board ideas that we think you should deploy for your DTC brand. 

1. Recipes 

This type of board is, of course, more for F&B brands, but there is so much value in creating boards within your brand page that have tons of recipe ideas for audiences. You also don’t need to be a F&B brand for this to be of value. Lakeland for example have created a board which is based around slow cooking recipes, and they have featured some pins with their products and some without. A great approach to gaining a following to a board without just using your own product and content! 

Lakeland Reference

2. Inspiration 

Inspiration can mean many things but in the context of Pinterest boards, it is key to make sure you are creating boards that inspire people and that they will also be searching for. Whether you are selling a fitness based product or you are a brand working within home design, create boards that will pull together different elements of your brand and products they work well with. Showing your product in situ will inspire your audience and encourage them to see it in an attainable setting. A great example of this is Swyft. They have created multiple boards that aren’t just of their product and give audiences ideas and inspiration that of course help the brand when their products are included! Because you have control over these boards, it allows you to place your products very organically so that they fit in their surroundings. 

Swyft Reference


3. Behind the scenes 

When you use other platforms as a DTC brand, you often give your audience an insight into the goings on of your brand – the behind the scenes that allow your audience to make a personal connection with your brand. Pinterest is just the same! It is a great way to give more context to your brand and build brand affinity by revealing more of the journey and personalities behind the brand. We have been trying to find a good example of a brand that is doing this well and we couldn’t just yet, but the point still remains that you can create boards that show audiences how you make your products, or the team behind the brand, or even behind the scenes on the content that you create, to help build that personality. Users love to see this sort of creative, and we think it works well! Also take a look at this epic account that will give you some inspo on your next product shoot: 


4. Packaging 

Surprisingly for some, packaging style boards for a DTC brand are an amazing way to build your organic presence on Pinterest. It’s a great way to bring together every area of the product that you have spent a lot of time designing and creating. You might be thinking why would you create boards that are just about the packaging and product design? Well the answer is that if they are correctly done and stand out, they will be picked up by other users quickly. If you type “Packaging” into the platform, you will see the pure volume of incredible products that appear, you want your brand to be a part of that for sure!

Packaging on Pinterest

5. Education

There isn’t a product in the world that doesn’t need some form of explanation. Whether it be a list of USPs or more detail on how to use the product, some kind of education is always beneficial. Pinterest is a great platform to assist this because it has a lot of infographic or text heavy creatives. They perform well and also have been known to help draw people over to a website. It’s important to help people learn and give them value, from fitness to fashion, Pinterest is often used to find new information that users didn’t already know. So why not create a board that has a load of educational value that users can really benefit from. This also doesn’t have to be exclusively in association to your product. It can also be beneficial to look into educating users into the industry – especially for those less known. 

6. Other Brands you align with

We know that you are going to try and be competitive when using Pinterest, trying to outsmart your competitors as much as you can. But there is an important way to pull other pins from possible competitors and leverage their brands. Let’s say you are a candle business, and you create boards based on different rooms of a house that might suit your brand’s vibe, and overall feel. Within this inspiration board, it might be a good idea to include some competitors in order to give more value to the users and then let them make up their mind themselves. It’s important to build boards on what the audience want and not what your brand wants. This might be a great way to take some of your competitions audiences and is also a great way to show that you trust in your brand. 

We hope you found the above useful. As always, we are here to help with any questions you might have, simply drop us an email at hey@303.london. Oh, and don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest!

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