Inside the Marketing Strategy of KSI and Logan Paul’s PRIME Success

The success of KSI and Logan Paul’s PRIME venture has been undeniable. From the millions of subscribers to the sold-out boxing match, it is clear that these two have something special when it comes to marketing. In this blog post, we will be diving deep into the marketing strategy behind PRIME and uncovering just how KSI and Logan Paul have achieved such a level of success.

The Rise of KSI and Logan Paul

Before diving into the marketing strategy behind KSI and Logan Paul’s PRIME success, let’s first take a step back and examine the background of these two internet personalities.

KSI, whose real name is Olajide Olatunji, is a British YouTuber, rapper, and boxer. He rose to fame in 2009 through his FIFA gameplay videos, which he uploaded to his YouTube channel, KSIOlajidebt. Since then, he has amassed a following of over 22 million subscribers and has diversified his content to include music, comedy, and even professional boxing.

Logan Paul, on the other hand, is an American internet personality, actor, and boxer. He gained popularity through the video-sharing app, Vine, where he amassed a following of over 9 million before the app was discontinued. He then transitioned to YouTube, where he now has over 23 million subscribers. He’s known for his vlogs, stunts, and pranks.

The two YouTubers first crossed paths in 2018 when they faced each other in a highly anticipated amateur boxing match, which ended in a draw. Fast forward to November 2019, KSI and Logan Paul went head-to-head in a professional boxing match, which was dubbed “the biggest internet event in history.” This time, KSI won by a split decision.

It was after this fight that the two influencers joined forces to create PRIME. PRIME is a company that produces a range of products, including sports nutrition, hydration, and personal care products. They used their combined following of over 45 million subscribers to promote the products and capitalize on the hype surrounding their rematch.

This leads us to the next section, where we’ll examine the marketing strategies that KSI and Logan Paul used to make PRIME a success. Hint: it involves influencer marketing and leveraging social media platforms.


Understanding PRIME and Its Success

In 2022, KSI and Logan Paul, two of the most famous YouTubers, joined forces to create PRIME – a new premium drinks brand that aimed to shake up the industry by introducing more entertainment and fun to it.

PRIME, is a brand that promotes healthy living, wellness, and hydration. Their flagship product is Prime Hydration, a sports drink that aims to offer an alternative to the sugary, artificially flavoured drinks commonly found on store shelves.

Since launching, PRIME has been hugely successful, thanks in large part to the power of influencer marketing. KSI and Logan Paul have a combined social media following of over 50 million, which they’ve used to promote their brand. They’ve also teamed up with other influencers in the fitness and wellness space, including fellow YouTubers and professional athletes, to broaden their reach.

The success of PRIME can also be attributed to the fact that KSI and Logan Paul have tapped into the zeitgeist of their audience. By creating a brand that’s cool, trendy, and in line with the values of the younger generation, they’ve managed to capture their attention and keep them engaged.

When PRIME launched, the demand was so high from the hype surrounding the brand the product was being resold on the secondhand market for over £150 per bottle, and it’s it first year of trading it was reported that the brand had turned over £250 Million + in sales.

Is the success of PRIME just down to the Influencers behind it?

This can be a hard question to answer. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that if KSI and Logan Paul were behind the PRIME brand it wouldn’t be as successful as it is today.

However, from our perspective, the key takeaway from their marketing strategy is simple. Even with the biggest internet faces in the world behind your brand, you still need to be making the right marketing moves to make a brand successful.

KSI & Logan, aren’t just posting Instagram content about PRIME getting people to buy it. They are marketing the brand properly across multiple channels and collaborations with a clear strategy in mind.

Leveraging Social Media Platforms for Promotion

One of the key reasons behind the success of KSI and Logan Paul’s PRIME is their smart use of social media channels to promote their brand. From Instagram to Twitter and YouTube, these influencers have millions of followers who they can reach with their messaging, creating a buzz around the brand and increasing sales.

The PRIME Instagram page, for instance, features striking images and videos that showcase the product in action. The posts are visually appealing and target the health-conscious consumer looking for a hydration solution. On Twitter, both KSI and Logan Paul use their massive following to retweet and promote PRIME Hydration, making it more visible to a larger audience.

What’s more, KSI and Logan Paul have leveraged the power of influencer marketing by collaborating with other social media stars who also have a massive following. These influencers promote the brand by posting photos of themselves with the PRIME bottle, increasing visibility and generating word-of-mouth marketing. An example of this would be how the YouTube Group the SIDEMEN are always support their fellow SIDEMEN member KSI by including the product in their own content.

In short, KSI and Logan Paul have been strategic in their use of social media channels, tapping into their own and their influencer friends’ networks to create a viral effect around their brand. With each post, they keep PRIME Hydration top of mind for their followers, ensuring that they stay relevant in a crowded market.

Creating the Hype

One of the key aspects of PRIME’s success lies in its ability to create a buzz around its brand. Through a series of partnerships and collaborations, PRIME has managed to establish a strong reputation for itself and elevate beyond just another internet brand.

PRIME has forged relationships with some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment, including the UFC, Arsenal, Barcelona FC, and the WWE. By aligning itself with these well-established brands, PRIME has been able to tap into their existing fan base and reach a wider audience.

Moreover, PRIME’s partnerships with Barcelona FC and the WWE have allowed it to tap into global markets and reach fans across different regions and cultures. This has helped to position PRIME as a truly global brand, rather than just another internet phenomenon.

In addition to these partnerships, PRIME has also leveraged social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube to promote its brand and create buzz around its events. By engaging with fans and influencers, PRIME has been able to generate excitement and anticipation for its shows, driving up ticket sales and ensuring a loyal following.

Overall, PRIME’s ability to create a buzz around its brand through partnerships, social media, and engaging experiences has been a key factor in its success. By elevating itself beyond just another internet brand, PRIME has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of entertainment.

Focusing on Entertainment and Experience Value

In a crowded marketplace, it’s important to stand out from the competition. PRIME Hydration, the energy drink brand owned by KSI and Logan Paul, has done just that with their clever use of humor on social media.

PRIME’s social media content is designed to entertain and engage their target audience, rather than simply promote the product. They use humor to appeal to a younger demographic, with posts that poke fun at typical energy drink marketing tactics or showcase the fun and energetic lifestyle associated with their brand.

One example of this is their recent Instagram post featuring a photo of a horse drinking from a bottle of PRIME with the caption “When the horse gets the PRIME before you do 😤🐴.” This type of playful content stands out from other energy drink brands‘ generic promotional posts and resonates with PRIME’s target audience.

PRIME also offers an experiential element to their marketing strategy, with unique and interactive activations at events and through their partnerships with other creators and brands. For example, at a recent pop-up shop in Los Angeles, they offered fans the chance to meet KSI and Logan Paul and participate in fun activities like virtual reality games and dunk tanks.

By focusing on the entertainment and experience value of their brand, PRIME has differentiated themselves from the competition and established a loyal fanbase. This is an important lesson for any business looking to succeed in a crowded market – don’t just focus on selling your product, focus on creating an experience that your audience will remember and want to be a part of.

Maintaining the Hype

The success of PRIME has not only been in its initial launch, but in its ability to maintain the hype surrounding the brand. Over the first 12 months of PRIME, the creators, KSI and Logan Paul, have frequently launched new products and partnerships to keep the brand front of mind for their audience.

By continuing to offer new and exciting products, such as limited edition clothing drops and exclusive access to events, PRIME has kept their audience engaged and eager to see what’s next. Additionally, PRIME has continued to leverage their social media platforms to maintain a direct connection with their fans and offer sneak peeks and teasers of upcoming releases.

Another key aspect of maintaining the hype has been PRIME’s ability to form partnerships with other popular brands and personalities. For example, PRIME has partnered with gaming companies, other YouTubers, and even major sports teams to offer exclusive collaborations and products that keep their fans excited and engaged.

Ultimately, the key to maintaining the hype has been PRIME’s ability to consistently deliver unique and engaging experiences for their fans. By always staying one step ahead and offering something new and exciting, they’ve been able to keep their audience hooked and eagerly anticipating what’s to come.

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