Instagram Introduces Enhanced Subscription Features for Creators

Instagram recently announced the rollout of exciting new options for creator subscriptions, giving content creators even more opportunities to engage with their audiences and monetise their Instagram presence. This latest update is set to revolutionise the way creators connect with their fans and opens up a world of possibilities for content monetisation on the platform.

Instagram has been offering creator subscriptions since 2022, enabling creators to provide exclusive content to paying fans and generate direct revenue from their most dedicated audience. The platform has been consistently enhancing its creator subscription offering, and to commemorate this milestone, Instagram is introducing new elements for creators to consider within their subscription strategies.

Sticker Tap Insights

Instagram is rolling out valuable new data insights for creators, including sticker tap metrics. As demonstrated in this example, creators can now access detailed information on the engagement generated by their stickers on the platform. These enhanced sticker tap insights equip creators with powerful tools to analyse their content performance and optimise their Instagram strategies for maximum impact.


Monetising on instagram as an influencer

Magnetising on Instagram

Preventing Screenshots & Screen Recordings

Instagram is introducing new methods to prohibit screenshots and screen recordings, aiming to shield creators’ exclusive content from unauthorised sharing. Additionally, the platform is providing valuable resources within its professional dashboard, including insightful case studies, best practice tips, and more. These enhancements empower creators to protect their content, while also offering guidance to optimise their Instagram strategies for success.

Instagram creator subscription features including new sticker tap insights, screenshot prevention, and professional dashboard resources

Instagram Creator Subscription Features


The newly added tools will provide more opportunities for Instagram creators to monetise their content and engage their audiences. However, it’s crucial to note that the success rate for creators in generating substantial income from their efforts remains relatively low, even with over 2 million subscriptions now active on the platform.

While platforms promote the “Creator Economy“, the reality is that only a small fraction achieves significant financial success. To illustrate, out of Instagram’s 1.4 billion users, only 2 million (0.14%) pay for creator subscriptions. This data suggests subscriptions are an untapped opportunity. However, getting people to pay isn’t always straightforward. Successful monetisation requires a well-thought-out plan, strategic approach, and significant time/effort investment. Research shows only 4.3% of creators generate over $100,000 yearly from online activities. Making money online isn’t the effortless path platforms often portray. However, successful Instagram creators monetising content suggest income potential from interests is achievable. This data could indicate creator subscriptions are an untapped opportunity worth exploring.

Conversely, it may also indicate that getting people to pay for content is not always as straightforward as providing a means to do so. Successful creator monetisation requires a well-thought-out plan, a strategic approach, and a significant investment of time and effort. According to research, only 4.3% of creators manage to generate more than $100,000 per year from their online activities.While this may seem like a discouraging reality check on Instagram’s positive news story about creator subscription growth, the fact remains that making money online is not the effortless path to success that platforms often portray. However, the existence of creators who are successfully monetising their content on Instagram suggests that with the right strategies and dedication, the potential to generate income from your interests is within reach.

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