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Email Marketing Service
Email Marketing Service

Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing has many benefits for businesses. First and foremost, it is a cost-effective way to reach a large audience.

Unlike traditional advertising methods, email marketing allows businesses to target specific groups of people who show a stronger affinity to your brand and higher intent. More often than not are your most loyal dataset. This means that businesses can get more bang for their buck when it comes to marketing.

Opening the doors to a customer centric and targeted approach, email marketing is a measurable tool that makes it easy to track engagement metrics and conversions. This data can be used to refine customer journeys, email marketing strategies and improve results over time.

Finally, email marketing can help businesses nurture and build relationships with their customers. By leveraging the power of tailored campaigns with compelling and relevant content, the business can create a sense of connection and loyalty that can lead to repeat business and referrals. Invest in email marketing, and you’ll have a powerful tool to grow your business and achieve your marketing goals.

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Creative Examples

The core elements of a successful Email Marketing Strategy

Data-driven – Offering measurable goals to refine and drive a successful email marketing strategy and give direction in other areas of the business.

Personalised Marketing – Highly data-driven, email marketing provides valuable insights into customer behaviour paving the way to a personalised approach in creating tailored and compelling campaigns that nurture and build relationships, ultimately refining the customer journey. 

Cross-channel marketing – A smart marketer utilises all of the tools accessible to them. Email marketing can offer data insights that can be fed into other integrated platforms such as Facebook Ads to unify the user journey for a customer-centric approach.

Compelling designs – First and foremost creative, once we’ve segmented your audiences we work closely with our creative team to produce compelling designs and templates that solidify brand identity.

Captivating content – We’ll work with you to build a content calendar that resonates with your mission and target audience. From here we can fine-tune email campaigns and flows further to improve your engagement stats and ensure your business goals are met.

Why 303?

At 303 we combine our creative skills with years of experience in email marketing and data analysis for a methodical approach to targeted marketing. With collaboration at the heart of our core values, we work closely with our clients to ensure that their business and marketing goals are met through compelling designs and data-driven strategies.

When paired with a highly personalised approach, the amalgamation will result in recipients developing a strong brand affinity and therefore ​increased lifetime value of a customer. Whether it be a re-marketing flow, a post-purchase flow, or a newsletter, it is imperative that they all contribute to the brands identity to maximise impact.

Case Study

Rapport London

Redesigned and simplified the welcome flows: Segmentation is an integral part of email marketing, however, an over segmented flow can often overcomplicate the customer journey and dilute the brand message. By simplifying the welcome flow, segmenting by leads and existing customers we were able to tailor and clarify Rapport’s messaging to better nurture the customer journey and their lifecycle. 

We applied a similar approach to their behavioural campaigns, unifying the brand look across all messaging and creating a more direct and clearer message that overall increased email engagement


Revenue Increase YOY


Conversion from leads


Avg per Welcome Flow Email


What other Apps / integrations can we use?

Email marketing platforms work very well with our other services lines. For example, it can plug into Facebook Ads to allow us to directly integrate campaigns to generate leads and grow subscriber lists. Most email marketing platforms can be directly integrated with a huge number of platforms including, Facebook Advertising, ReCharge, Salesforce, Stripe and Zendesk to name a few.

What platform do you use?

At 303 we’re open to a number of different email marketing platforms. We find that Klaviyo plugs well into E-Commerce based websites, however, have experience working across a number of different platforms including MailChimp and Mailshake.

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