Email Marketing for Consumer Brands

Email Marketing Service
Email Marketing Service
Email Marketing Service

What is Email Marketing

As a digital marketing agency, 303 provides a full service to our partners when it comes to email marketing. Our dedicated team will develop flows, ensure copy is effective and engaging as well as implement strategies to help build customer databases.

Client result in 2022:

40:1 ROI

The benefits of Email Marketing

With ever changing IOS tracking capabilities, email marketing allows us to accurately track purchases by plugging the platform directly into the backend of your website. Working closely with our other service lines, email marketing integrates with other services to optimise results.

In particular, email compliments Paid Strategy where we can test and take learnings across multiple service lines.

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How will the service be deployed and what are the steps?

Upon onboarding a new email partner, we will ensure that the chosen email platform is set up and plugged into the backend of the client’s website.

From here, we will move forward with setting up 3-4 growth flows and begin working closely with the client on how these flows will look and feel. Our in-house graphics team will pull together a template for approval.

Once we have set the initial flows live, we will begin working on a campaign strategy, ensuring optimum sales for the new client.

Why choose Email Marketing?

Email marketing facilitates direct, personalised communication with consumers throughout their customer journey. It is a prime opportunity to engage with current customers and develop custom flows to encourage repeat purchases, upsell and develop the brand’s community. In addition to current customers, email marketing can be used to access, converse and convert engaged prospects.

Best utilised as an insightful tool to educate new audiences on why the offering is a necessity for them, email marketing is an effective way to guide them through the purchasing process. Finally, it provides valuable customer data and insights that can be used to drive a more intentional approach to wider marketing strategy.

Why 303?

303 takes a creative-first approach to email marketing. We understand the importance of developing audience-specific flows at different stages of the customer journey to yield impactful results. After identifying audiences and understanding their habits, our email marketing team work closely with the creative team to format emails that engage. Pairing this with appropriate copy for the audience specific flow is where we see a high conversion rate for our partners.

Not only do we value email marketing for the access it provides to customers and the valuable data driven audience insights it yields, but also for its ability to contribute to the personification of a brand. It should show the brand’s values by using a consistent tone of voice and strong and considered branding throughout.

When paired with a highly personalised approach, the amalgamation will result in recipients developing a strong brand affinity and therefore ​increased lifetime value of a customer. Whether it be a re-marketing flow, a post-purchase flow, or a newsletter, it is imperative that they all contribute to the brands identity to maximise impact.

Case Study


In Q4 of 2021, after having partnered with WaterRower for 3 years, we expanded our partnership to include email marketing.

We set up WaterRower’s Klaviyo account from scratch and developed a launch strategy including flow development (design, copywriting and asset selection), formulation of audience lists, and a newsletter relaunch. We launched with three flows and by the end of Q1 2022 we had set eight live.


ROAS from Email Marketing


Average email open rate


Products sold with £800+ AOV


What other Apps / integrations can we use?

Email marketing platforms work very well with our other services lines. For example, it can plug into Facebook Ads to allow us to directly integrate campaigns to generate leads and grow subscriber lists. Most email marketing platforms can be directly integrated with a huge number of platforms including, Facebook Advertising, ReCharge, Salesforce, Stripe and Zendesk to name a few.

How do you measure success?

At 303, we constantly watch and amend our flow and newsletter strategies. We closely monitor Open Rate and Click Through Rate, amending frequency and subject lines if we see these begin to drop. As a measure of success, we focus on Open Rate, CTR and revenue.

What platform does 303 use?

At 303 we’re open to a number of different email marketing platforms. We find that Klaviyo plugs well into E-Commerce based websites, however, have experience working across a number of different platforms including MailChimp and Mailshake.

What flows should we use?

As an absolute bare minimum, the first flows that we would set up would be a Welcome Series, Abandoned Cart and Post-Purchase. We believe these to be the fundamentals of email marketing when it comes to flows as they are the minimum you can implement and begin to see revenue and customer retention increase.

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