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Facebook Digital Agency
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Facebook Digital Agency
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What does the service include?

We offer comprehensive Facebook management services, from organic social media management, to ad implementation and optimisation. This will involve working on an organic and paid facebook strategy building relevant content, launching ads and posts and monitoring performance.

YOY revenue increase in paid social revenue:


What are the main benefits you will get from this service?

There are many benefits to using Facebook such as increasing brand awareness, generating new leads and driving conversions for your website. With almost 3 billion users worldwide, who are constantly clicking, engaging and purchasing on the platform, it is a fantastic opportunity for new or established brands to reach a larger target audience and grow their market share.

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How will the service be deployed and what are the steps?

When deploying organic Facebook management, our team will gain access to your Facebook profiles and begin to draft an initial pre plan using existing content, to be scheduled for your account. At this stage, we will discuss potential content buckets which will more effectively drive likes, followers and engagement on the account, which may or may not need additional static, video or reels content to be shot. 

When beginning Facebook paid media management, we will begin with performing an audit of your account and market research into what your competitors are doing. From here we will build a media plan, detailing out budgets, campaigns, audiences, ad copy, creative, and most importantly, how we will scale our success to help your business grow. This will all be approved before going live. Once approved, we will set up campaigns and start driving conversions!

Why should you choose Facebook?

 Facebook has, and continues to be, a key advertising stream for our partners. Its visual nature, audience targeting and proven ROI track record for direct to consumer brands, makes it a key element of many paid media strategies. Going into 2022, Facebook’s rebrand to Meta is done and the future of platform is set to be at the forefront of the world’s transition to Web 3.0. 

Why 303?

As a creative digital marketing agency, we take a creative-led approach to Facebook advertising, due to the platform’s highly visual nature. Through its acquisitions of other platforms like Instagram, Facebook has continued to develop its advert placements extensively, meaning advertisers are able to utilise a wide range of video, photo and graphic assets.

Facebook continues to be industry leading in terms of the number of different audience targeting options that the platform enables for its advertisers. It enables targeting based on demographics, geographics, interests and behaviours. 303’s paid media team are highly experienced in leveraging these different on-platform targeting options to drive the most cost-effective, high quality traffic to our partner’s websites. As with many digital marketing platforms, Facebook also enables data enriched audience targets, utilising anonymised proprietary personal information. 

The future of the Facebook ad platform is less certain than it has been in the past few years, with continual updates to the platform itself and external changes from other device providers such as Apple changing their privacy rules. 303 is a Meta Business Partner so we are at the forefront of platform changes. We continue to see huge value for our clients through Facebook advertising, both in terms of an assisted conversion tool, as well as the final touch point for customers to actually buy from.

We have now advertised on Facebook with over 50 fast-growing, disruptive direct to consumer brands, driving significant traffic, revenue and profit for our partners.

Case Study

Rapport where looking for a digital marketing agency to aggressively scale their direct to consumer business through paid social advertising.

They had previously run some facebook campaigns to limited success, however post-audit and with substantial creative and audience development, our paid media team quickly devised a strategy that rapidly scaled the brand in a profitable way.


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