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Combining Creative & Performance to deliver growth

Our creative digital performance agency takes a platform-agnostic approach to paid media.

This means that we prioritise understanding your brand and who your audience is. From this, we find the right platforms that we know are right for your brand. In digital marketing today, there are many platforms to choose from and at 303, we cover Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and LinkedIn. All of which our in-house paid media specialists have spent extensive time using and understanding each platform.

We operate in many premium industries from health and wellness to FMCG. Through working with such a wide variety of partners, our team understand where different audiences live and how they interact on platforms.

We have a creative, data-driven approach to paid social media. With this approach, we work closely to agreed targets and use live ad reporting insights to track success and make informed decisions on future campaign strategy and ad creatives based on data.

Case Study

Sigma Sports

Our strategy included driving high volumes of traffic to the site (at a low cost), reaching a record number of users, driving an increase in revenue and in ROAS.

To achieve this, we initially split the budget to push for 2 objectives; awareness and conversions with budget splits sitting at 20/80. With this, we included always-on activity, campaign & product launches and catalogue advertising.


ROAS by month 3


Increased purchases


Increase in platform ad spend


When beginning Facebook paid media management, we will begin with conducting an audit of your account and market research into what your competitors are doing. From here we will build a media plan, detailing out budgets, campaigns, audiences, ad copy, creative, and most importantly, how we will scale our success to help your business grow. This will all be approved before going live. Once approved, we will set up campaigns and start driving conversions!

Facebook has, and continues to be, a key advertising stream for our partners. Its visual nature, audience targeting and proven ROI track record for direct to consumer brands, makes it a key element of many paid media strategies.


303 have a proven track record of utilising Instagram advertising to drive significant return on ad spend for our partners. It is also an essential organic platform to be used to act as social proofing for the ads, a digital storefront and important channel of communication between your brand and your customers.


TikTok is an effective platform for brand awareness and growing brand fame, which can be done at scale through advertising. Our team have been on TikTok for as long as we can remember, so we understand the nuances and requirements of the platform brilliantly well. Our paid social team will take the reins on analysing the opportunity on TikTok ads, before developing a strategy for the platform and then briefing our creative team to execute.

Through leveraging viral trends on the platform, and producing high quality, organic style content, 303 have launched TikTok ads for a number of partners and seen up to a 73% drop in CPC compared to other platforms.


Pinterest has proven to be a highly cost-effective traffic-driving platform for 303 partners. Pinterest is uniquely well-positioned to drive especially good results for businesses in the food & beverage and lifestyle sectors due to its loyal users being highly active and engaged on the platform.

Pinterest is a cheaper ad platform than other platforms such as Google or LinkedIn, with CPCs hitting an average of £1.50 and CPMs sitting around £3.50 for the majority of our partners. The users on Pinterest are also incredibly engaged. They want to see beautiful imagery and want to save (or pin) these for their future selves. Cost per engagement, as a result, is incredibly cheap, sitting at just 25p for the majority of our partners.


Paired with high quality content, which can be crafted by our in-house creative team, LinkedIn often outperforms other platforms, which reach a larger, but arguably less valuable target audience. Using LinkedIn Ads for a partner recently saw promoted video receive a view rate of 30% which is 3x higher than average view rates seen on the platform.

LinkedIn ads work similarly to other social media ads, but need amended creative to capture the attention of users on the platform. When 303 work with clients on LinkedIn, we manage the process from start to finish – planning the media spend, developing creatives and implementing and optimising within the platform.

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