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What does the service include?

With creative sitting alongside digital strategy, YouTube is the perfect place to deploy high quality content which will engage and convert. Our YouTube services include organic pre planning – laying out exactly what video to post, when and how to boost your subscriber base organically, and paid media advertising – promoting short form videos, to engage with potential customers and entice them to convert or subscribe.

Amount of marketers advertising on the platform:


What are the main benefits you will get from this service?

YouTube is an extremely popular platform with over 1 billion hours of content being consumed worldwide everyday. Users are growing every year, and the platform is becoming more and more popular, especially with the introduction of YouTube shorts. Plus, with the platform being used by consumers with sound on, it is a great way for some brands to more effectively use sound or voice overs to explain their product offering

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What are the main benefits you will get from this service?

For organic YouTube advertising – when we initially sit down with a new client, we aim to understand firstly, what content is already available for us to leverage; secondly, what content do we need to short or repurpose to fill any holes; and thirdly, what content are we wanting to promote and who are we wanting to engage with using this content. From here we can work on building a preplan, ready to schedule to go live over the course of a monthly period.

For paid media – we will again initially look at what content we have available, but also what content the target market is engaging with on your profile already (if possible) and what they are engaging with from competitors. From here we will look to build an array of short (max 30 seconds) video ads, to promote your brand in the best way. This will be laid out in a media plan, which will be run through with you, before approval to go live.

Why should you choose YouTube?

YouTube advertising has developed at a rapid rate recently, with 63% of YouTube viewers saying on-platform advertising affected their purchase decisions. The platform lends itself to highly engaging, informative ads that can be shown at various times throughout a YouTube video.

Why 303?

303’s grounding in commercial video production and specialisation in digital-first video has yielded very strong results for our partners. YouTube is incredibly effective in driving brand awareness and traffic and is often utilised by our paid media team as a key top-funnel platform.

Case Study

Collecting Cars has grown rapidly, especially in the UK, and were keen to grow in other territories at the same rate. 303 increased the volume of engaged traffic to the website by utilising YouTube.

It was the perfect platform for Collecting Cars as videography of exotic cars is always going to be engaging! A range of video ads were used across territories, including the UK, US, Australia and Germany. The average CPC sat around £70.

Collecting Cars Youtube






Played 75% of Video


Why should I use youtube ads (video)?

YouTube Ads are a great way of reaching consumers with engaging, visually rich video content that tells a story. Advertisers are able to choose from a range of goals for these campaigns to suit their aims, including: Sales, Leads, Website Traffic, & Brand Awareness.

How to get subscribers on YouTube:

YouTube works quite differently to other more short form platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Virality only gets you so far with subscriber growth. Therefore it’s key to build a community around your content, and not vice versa. Consistent posting and quality over quantity pays dividends for channel growth. Users’ subscriptions carry far more weight than an equivalent ‘Follow’ on other platforms. As a result, as hard as it is to gain a subscriber, it’s generally difficult to drastically lose subscribers, too

What ad options does Youtube provide?

YouTube offers a range of ad formats to engage consumers in different ways. The three most used formats are:

  • Skippable in-stream ads play before, during or after other videos and can be skipped after five seconds of viewing.
  • Non-skippable in-stream ads are designed to ensure your customers see your entire message and are 15 seconds or less in length.
  • Bumper ads are a short, unskippable video ad format of 6 seconds or less, designed to allow you to increase your brand awareness with a short, memorable message.

What’s the best new feature of Youtube?

YouTube’s answer to TikToks and Instagram Reels are Shorts, the hyper-popular 9×16 vertically-consumed short form content. We think Shorts have brought a much needed new dimension to YouTube, creating an alternate consumption path users can take alongside the longer form, traditional 16×9 horizontal content we’re all so used to seeing. Shorts, much like Tik Tok, usher in an informal, less curated side of YouTube that has brought an influx of new users to the site.

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