Electric Porsche Macan in Provence color against a backdrop of lavender fields

Porsche’s ‘The Art of Dreams’ Takes Provence by Storm

Thomas Trum, a renowned Dutch artist, has gained international recognition for his bold and innovative use of colour. His partnership with Porsche for “The Art of Dreams” project represents a perfect synergy between art and automotive design. Trum’s artistic philosophy centres on exploring the dynamic relationship between human creativity and mechanical precision. Key aspects of Trum’s work include:

  • Large-scale installations that command attention
  • Experimental techniques that challenge traditional painting methods
  • A focus on the fluidity and movement of color

Trum’s collaboration with Porsche demonstrates how artistic vision can complement and enhance automotive design, creating a unique visual experience that resonates with both art enthusiasts and car aficionados.

Large-scale canvas by Thomas Trum featuring swirling lavender hues

Southern Spins: A Colourful Journey

The “Southern Spins” series by Thomas Trum is a vibrant celebration of colour and motion, perfectly aligned with Porsche’s dynamic brand image. This collection of large-scale canvases creates an immersive experience for viewers, inviting them to explore the interplay of hues and forms.The exhibition’s strategic locations enhance its impact:

  1. Design Parade Hyères festival: This prestigious event showcases emerging talents in design and fashion, providing an ideal platform for Trum’s work to reach a design-savvy audience.
  2. French Riviera locations: By displaying artworks along the iconic Côte d’Azur, Porsche connects its brand with the glamour and beauty of this world-famous coastline.
  3. Hotel Le Provençal: This historic venue adds a touch of timeless elegance to the exhibition, creating a dialogue between classic luxury and contemporary art.

These carefully chosen locations ensure maximum visibility and engagement, allowing a diverse audience to experience the synergy between Trum’s art and Porsche’s design philosophy.


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Unconventional Techniques

Thomas Trum’s innovative approach to creating art aligns perfectly with Porsche’s reputation for pushing technological boundaries. His use of unconventional tools, such as agricultural equipment and road marking machines, mirrors the innovative engineering found in Porsche’s electric vehicles. Trum’s techniques include:

  • Adapting industrial machinery for artistic purposes
  • Experimenting with large-scale application methods
  • Combining mechanical precision with artistic spontaneity

This unconventional approach not only produces visually striking results but also challenges traditional notions of art creation. It resonates with Porsche’s commitment to innovation and forward-thinking design in the automotive industry.

Large-scale canvas by Thomas Trum featuring swirling lavender hues

The Art of Dreams: A Global Initiative

Porsche’s “The Art of Dreams” initiative, launched in Paris in 2021, has quickly become a significant player in the global art scene. This ongoing project demonstrates Porsche’s commitment to fostering creativity and cultural engagement worldwide.Previous notable installations include:

  • Singapore Art Week: Showcasing Porsche’s engagement with Asian art markets and cultures.
  • Art Basel Miami: Positioning the brand within one of the world’s most prestigious contemporary art fairs.

These global exhibitions help Porsche to:

  • Strengthen its brand image as a patron of the arts
  • Engage with diverse, culturally-aware audiences
  • Create unique, memorable experiences that go beyond traditional automotive marketing

Visitors admiring Trum's 'Southern Spins' series at Design Parade Hyères festival

Porsche’s Commitment to Colour and Creativity

Ragnar Schulte, Head of Experiential Marketing at Porsche, highlights the brand’s deep-rooted connection to colour. This commitment is evident not only in their art initiatives but also in their vehicle designs.Key aspects of Porsche’s colour philosophy include:

  • A rich history of iconic colour choices in their vehicle lineup
  • The new Porsche Macan’s Provence colour, inspired by the lavender fields of the region
  • An ongoing exploration of how colour influences perception and emotion in automotive design

Porsche creates a cohesive narrative that appeals to art lovers and car enthusiasts alike. This strategy reinforces the brand’s position at the intersection of technology, design, and cultural relevance.

Aerial view of Trum's painted tennis court installation in Hyères, France

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