The Best Sunday Roast’s in London

In order to fully appreciate the best Sunday roasts in London, it’s important to understand the tradition behind this iconic British meal. Sunday roast, also known as Sunday dinner or Sunday lunch, is a time-honoured tradition that dates back centuries. It originated as a way for families to come together and enjoy a hearty meal after attending morning church services. The history of Sunday roast can be traced back to the Middle Ages when the village blacksmiths would roast an entire animal, such as a lamb or a pig, on a spit skewer. The meat would slowly cook over an open fire while the villagers gathered around to socialise and share stories. This communal gathering became known as the Sunday roast.

As the tradition evolved over time, different regions in the UK developed their own variations of the Sunday roast. For example, in Yorkshire, it became customary to serve Yorkshire pudding with the roast beef, while in Wales, lamb with mint sauce is a popular choice. These regional differences add a unique touch to the Sunday roast experience, showcasing the diversity of British culinary heritage. London is renowned for its culinary scene, and Sunday roast is a must-try experience for both locals and visitors. It offers not only a delicious meal but also a glimpse into British culture and traditions.

Top Sunday Roast Spots in London

London is home to a plethora of exceptional Sunday roast destinations. Whether you’re seeking high-end restaurants or affordable options, there is a perfect spot to satisfy your craving. Indulging in a Sunday roast in London is not just a meal, it’s a culinary experience that showcases the city’s rich gastronomic heritage. From the perfectly roasted meats to the comforting sides and rich gravies, each bite is a celebration of tradition and flavour.

Due to the popularity of Sunday roast in London, it is advisable to make reservations in advance to secure your spot. The best restaurants tend to fill up quickly, especially on weekends and holidays. London’s Sunday roast tradition is a beloved culinary experience that locals and tourists alike look forward to each week. The combination of perfectly cooked meats, flavourful gravy, crispy roast potatoes, and a medley of seasonal vegetables creates a meal that is both comforting and indulgent.

The 303 Winner

The Pelican

45 All Saints Rd, London W11 1HE

The Pelican was an ordinary boozer on All Saints Road for 150 years before restaurateur James Gummer came along in 2022 to strip back the decor and install London’s rated Owen Kenworthy as head chef.

The Pelican, Notting Hill

One of the best places to have a Sunday roast in London is The Pelican Notting Hill, a newly renovated pub that offers a gastropub experience. You can enjoy a modern British cuisine that features a variety of dishes, such as mince on toast, potted shrimp and tomahawk steak. The pub has a cosy and inviting atmosphere, with a simple but elegant decor. You can also sample some of the beers, wines and cocktails that the pub has to offer. The Pelican is a great choice for a satisfying and enjoyable Sunday roast in London.

According to the owners of The Pelican, TikTok has helped them attract more customers, especially from the younger generation, who are interested in trying out the pub’s offerings and sharing their experiences online. The pub has also seen an increase in sales since the pandemic, thanks to the support of the TikTok community and the loyal regulars. The owners of The Pelican have expressed their gratitude to TikTok and its users for bringing more attention to their pub.



52 Haymarket, St. James’s, London SW1Y 4RP

How Fallow in St James's made sustainable dining spectacular

Fallow, London

Chefs Will Murray and Jack Croft met in the kitchens of Dinner by Heston and then teamed up with James Robson to come up with Fallow. They run big on sustainability, so they use interesting cuts and everything is super seasonal and focuses mainly on British and Irish produce. Fallow’s commitment to sustainability and seasonality extends to even growing its own mushrooms in-house – how’s that for food miles?”

“What a fantastic place! I’ve been wanting to visit Fallow since it’s opening and I must say it’s been well worth the wait! From the moment I called to make a reservation to the moment we walked away, everything was spot on. The staff are friendly and very welcoming, the food is beyond delicious, there are great drink options, and they are very dog friendly”.

Fallow uses social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok to promote its creative and sustainable cooking. The restaurant shares photos, videos, and stories of its dishes, drinks, team and customers, as well as recipes and tips for reducing food waste. Fallow also collaborates with influencers, bloggers, and media outlets to generate positive word-of-mouth and publicity. The social media strategy has helped the restaurant attract and retain customers, especially from the younger generation, who are interested in trying out the restaurant’s offerings and sharing their experiences online. Fallow’s social media accounts have thousands of followers and likes, and the restaurant has received several awards and recognition for its innovative and environmentally conscious cuisine.


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♬ Safe and Sound Capital Cities – Jake Krantz

The Princess Royal

47 Hereford Rd, London W2 5AH

The Princess Royal, which has been recently refurbished, boasts a beautiful pub, restaurant, two private dining rooms, 4 hotel rooms plus ample outdoor space. This Notting Hill gem focuses on seasonal British produce with a Mediterranean twist, curated by the acclaimed Chef, Ben Tish.

The Princess Royal, Notting Hill

Inside The Princess Royal, plush seats and colourful artwork mingle with moody paint tones for an artsy vibe. Beyond the sleek horseshoe bar lies a bright garden. This gastropub masterfully fuses quaint tradition and contemporary flair. The Princess Royal interweaves old and new with plush seats, vivid art and a moodily lit bar alongside a Mediterranean courtyard. This gastropub embodies both heritage charm and modern elegance.

“We was on a quest for the ultimate Sunday roast and this is a lovely addition to Notting Hill. The venue has been well-designed to be a cosy yet elegant pub. The service is usually efficient and attentive and there are a few key front of house members whose pleasant conversation and care really make the guest experience. Food is great and whispering angel was delicious. Presentation of both food and drinks is spot on.”

The Harwood Arms

Walham Grove, London SW6 1QJ

Only Michellin Pub in London

The Harwood Arms, London

It’s an open secret – this incredible Fulham gastropub requires booking Sunday lunch months out. But the slow cooked meats like fallow deer and succulent Cumbrian pork are so flavourful, they’re worth the wait. Booking weeks early is necessary at this cherished Fulham gastropub.

“The Harwood Arms has been London’s only Michelin-starred pub for nearly a decade, somehow remaining both a local watering hole and high-end dining destination. It’s an impressive balancing act, one that has been made possible by chefs like Stephen Williams, Sally Abé and now, Jake Leach“.

Harwood Arms has been featured in various media outlets, such as The Guardian, The Telegraph, and Time Out, which help to increase its exposure and reputation. The pub also participates in local and national events, such as the London Restaurant Festival and the Great British Game Week, to showcase its culinary skills and support its community.

The Cow

89 Westbourne Park Rd, London W2 5QH

 The Cow, Notting Hill

The Cow, Notting Hill

The Cow is a long-standing gastropub with a beefy theme, run by Tom Conran. Although the name suggests a meaty menu, the star of the show here is the seafood (many locals come for the oysters and Guinness in the bar downstairs). The upstairs dining room, decorated with vibrant colours, offers a proper Sunday roast for those who prefer a sit-down meal.

“A weekend in London is not complete without the renowned Sunday roast dinner and this is a classic spot to enjoy such a feast. The restaurant and bar create a very cosy atmosphere. Food and dessert options were marvellous even beyond the roast dinner, with favourites including the flavourful fish stew and rich Guinness pie. To crown it all, our dessert choice of a warm rhubarb crumble with a creamy custard drizzle did not disappoint.”

Additionally, the Cow in Notting Hill has a marketing strategy that relies on its reputation as a gastropub with a lively and glamorous scene. It attracts customers with its quality seafood, Guinness, and oysters, as well as its cosy and chic atmosphere. It also hosts live music and events and has a loyal following of locals and celebrities.

Camberwell Arms

65 Camberwell Church St, London SE5 8TR

The Camberwell Arms - London - Restaurant - 50Best

The Camberwell Arms, London

Sunday lunch at this pared-back, effortlessly cool south London gem is a tale of two halves. First, you have a delicious drink followed by, ever-changing small plates to choose from, such as the spiced celeriac with smoked pollock hummus and walnuts, or the Lombardy ragu on toast with parmesan. Then comes the main event: spit-roasted chicken with spinach and chilli yoghurt; aged Dexter steak with wild garlic butter and watercress; lamb with Italian greens; or rolled pork belly with Savoy cabbage and mustard, all of which are designed to be shared but so good you won’t want to.

The Camberwell Arms has a strong online presence and a loyal customer base. Their marketing strategy seems to focus on showcasing their award-winning food and drinks on their instagram account, which has over 16k followers. They use high-quality photos and captions to highlight their seasonal dishes, ingredients, and suppliers. They also interact with their customers and other local businesses by replying to comments and sharing stories.


24 Great Windmill St, London W1D 7LG

Blacklock Restaurant Group

Blocklock, London

Blacklock is located in a former lap dancing club and brothel, but has been transformed into a modern and stylish chophouse. Blacklock Soho specialises in roasting whole joints of meat over open coals, giving them a smoky and succulent flavour.

You can choose from beef rump, lamb leg, pork loin or a vegetarian celeriac roast, and enjoy them with crispy Yorkshire puddings, parsnips, tenderstem broccoli and duck fat roast potatoes, all covered in a rich gravy. To spice things up, you can also add some apple ketchup or indulge in some of the decadent sides, such as the creamy cauliflower cheese or the roasted pumpkin with parmesan. To start your meal, you can also treat yourself to a refreshing Bloody Mary or a Breakfast Martini with orange marmalade, perfect for curing a hangover or boosting your mood – Blacklock Soho is the ultimate destination for a Sunday roast in London.

Lore Of The Land

4 Conway St, London W1T 6BB

Lore of the Land - A Guy Ritchie Pub and Restaurant in Fitzrovia, London.

Lore of the Land, Fitzrovia, London

Lore of the Land is a unique pub that reflects the vision of the British film director Guy Ritchie. It celebrates the rich history and culture of England through its three floors of pub experience. The main bar offers Gritchie beer from Guy’s own brewery in Wiltshire, as well as a curated wine list. The restaurant on the second floor serves dishes that highlight the best of British seasonal produce, with the Sunday roasts being especially popular.

“Without doubt, one of my new favourite places for Sunday roast in London. My boyfriend took me yesterday, and we ordered the roast beef (pink) which was incredible. I can’t complain about anything, but I would recommend that you try the bone marrow with the roast potatoes (which were also out of this world)”.


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♬ original sound – Oli Brandon

The Pig’s Head

87 Rectory Grove, London SW4 0DR


The Pigs Head, London

The dining room takes inspiration from the farmhouses that line the British countryside, treating diners to a wonderfully warm atmosphere thanks to the wooden and wicker textures, the plentiful shelves packed with homemade pickles and preserves and the forest of potted plants and ferns.

“Oh my God, I don’t even know where to begin. The BEST Sunday roast in London I’ve ever had. Everything, from the meat to the gravy and roasted veggies was fantastic. The sticky toffee pudding is the perfect way to end a perfect meal. Cannot wait to go back!!”

The Pigs Head use their instagram account to showcase their award-winning food and drinks, which are sourced from local and ethical suppliers. They also interact with their customers and other local businesses on social media.

The Pigs Head, Clapham Instagram

The Fox & Pheasant

1 Billing Rd, London SW10 9UJ

The Fox & Pheasant brings country pub vibes to central Chelsea.

The Fox & Pheasant, London

Some people may dislike James Blunt, a former army officer who became a singer, but he is popular with the wealthy crowd of Chelsea. He has saved one of the most charming old pubs in the area, The Fox & Pheasant. The pub is located in The Billings, a secluded spot of lovely cottages near Stamford Bridge, and has a friendly and warm atmosphere despite its expensive location.

“Great place! The Sunday roast atmosphere and the food were spot on, service even better, waiters always a smile on their face – highly recommend, will definitely go back!”.

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