5 Of The Best Brand Pages On TikTok

TikTok has become the best platform in 2022 to drive organic brand awareness. There are so many incredible brands now using the platform for just this reason and they have seen their brand awareness sky rocket as a result of this activity. 

At 303, we feel there is a huge opportunity on TikTok for DTC brands to get in front of the right audiences and also have viral potential. Everyone is aware of the decline in organic growth that we have seen over the last few years on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and although there isn’t a recipe to instantly gain mass awareness on TikTok, it does offer a huge opportunity to do so – far more than these other platforms. 

We thought it would be interesting to pull together some of the brands that we think are doing it really well, no matter if they are big or small. We also look into some of the learnings we can take from their TikTok approach. 


Gymshark, the now-notorious and hugely popular gym apparel brand, has branched out to TikTok to grow their organic brand awareness. Their content is refreshing, informative and community driven which is likely why they have such a huge organic following. It focuses on gym memes and ‘relatable’ content with funny copy that engages a huge audience. They clearly understand what type of content their audience wants to see, so they use content and trends that will land well with their followers.


Gucci, one of the earliest luxury brands on the platform, has leveraged TikTok by creating fun and engaging challenges, like the #accidentalinfluencer and organic #guccimodelchallenge.

They’ve not just mirrored their more serious overall brand guidelines on TikTok. They’ve flipped the script and adhered to the platform’s more light-hearted, iPhone content-focused look and feel, by getting models to film themselves, make jokes and join in on trending challenges. It’s refreshing for a luxury brand to break the mould and position themselves as more relatable. It’s clearly working for them and we’re here for it!

Collecting Cars

We are big fans of Collecting Cars. Not just because they are a client of 303, but because working with an awesome brand with amazing products makes our job lots of fun!

Over the last few months, their TikTok account has seen 3 videos hit over 300,000 views, huge audience engagement growth on their posts, and we can see that their audience are enjoying the content with over 130,000 likes over all of their posts!

We have achieved this predominantly by utilising TikTok trends to create content and by having an in-depth understanding of the right type of content that works on the platform. Often we see brands miss the mark on TikTok by creating and posting the wrong type of content. It’s important to understand what works on the platform, and we do, so if you need a hand with your brand, drop us a message!


Flyp is a smaller brand that sells houses and flats by transforming clients’ places to become more sellable. They play to one of TikTok’s strengths and make their content insanely addictive so you can find yourself truly mesmerised by them. They use TikTok to showcase some of their properties and add suspenseful and alluring captions over the content like ‘How much an average flat costs in Embankment’ as they know their followers will watch the whole thing to find out. Go onto the page yourself, we promise its hard to not watch at least 2-3 of their videos in succession.

It’s also great to see a brand that is consistent with the platform and is focussed on the content and not just gaining followers. With over 50,000 post likes which is steadily growing, they are clearly reaching new audiences all the time.



Chipotle have changed the game with food brands on TikTok. Embracing their light-hearted and organically-sourced approach to food, their content on the platform reflects this by hopping on food trends, making relatable and funny content focused on how their ingredients are ethically-sourced. The ‘did ya know…’ series on where and how Chipotle ingredients are sourced is there perfect blend of informative, interesting and humorous content. Love!

Red Bull

Red Bull bolsters brand awareness with suspenseful footage. Their signature jaw-dropping, often terrifying footage is PERFECT for the platform. They have a huge presence on long form focussed platforms, such as YouTube, and they are a great example of how you can easily repurpose this long form content to make short, snappy, TikTok friendly, videos. Also for every insane stunt, they have an equally engaging trick flop, equalising the content which ultimately keeps their audience climactically guessing.

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