Email Marketing – 22 Free Tools To Save Time For Premium Brands

There are countless marketing tools available to help grow your business nowadays. It is possible to expand your communication efforts with social media posts, targeted ads, interactive games or even influencer marketing. However, contacting your clients and potential partners by email marketing is still highly effective and widely encouraged.

Your email is probably the first thing you check when you start your day. It can be easy to get lost with all the notifications you receive from various apps and social media, but getting relevant information through emails is a great way to stay up to date with your favourite companies and makes it easy to save whatever you find interesting to read later.

For these reasons and more, an email marketing strategy can be critical in your communication efforts, especially in specific industries or markets. According to IBM’s 2018 Marketing Benchmark Report, the average open rate for email marketing pieces is 22%. This rate is a bit higher in Canada, with 38% of emails opened on average. Rates are even higher in Australia, with an open rate of 36%.

As for the industries most people are interested in, emails regarding leisure, sports, and recreation have an average open rate of 60%, while sectors in the travel industry have a 55% open rate, while marketing and advertising follows closely behind with 54%.

Including email marketing in your efforts to reach out to clients and partners can be an important strategy for the success of your business. If you are looking for an easy and straightforward way of incorporating emails into your communication plan, here’s what you need to know and which tools might help you along the way.

What to look for in free email marketing tools

When deciding which free email marketing software is best for you and your business, it is important to consider your business goals and the needs of your company before moving forward.

There are lots of options to choose from, and not all of them will fit your needs. When looking through our list of email marketing tools, bear in mind the number of contacts or subscribers you have (or aspire to have), the people you would like to send your content out to, and what the purpose of your campaigns might be.

Here are some things you should consider when making this choice:

1. Customisation

Making sure all your communication efforts are branded accordingly is an important part of marketing. When choosing free email marketing software, make sure you can customise templates and include your brand colours or logo in every marketing piece you send out.

Being able to include buttons, links, and photos is also an important aspect to consider when deciding which tool best matches your requirements. You might need your newsletters to showcase your products to entice customers, or text might be your main focus. Whatever it may be, the email marketing tool you decide to use must be adaptable to your purposes.

Assess what you will need to include in your email marketing initiatives and seek out the service that will allow you to do exactly that.

2. Audience

The size of your audience is also an important factor when deciding which email marketing tool is best for your business. Some services can only send emails to a small number of contacts, while others begin charging you after a certain quantity of emails is sent.

Have your contact list ready and, based on that, choose which tool will adequately address your needs for the time being. Consider how much more your business can grow and what that will entail when it comes to email marketing tools.

3. Scalability

As mentioned above, taking into account how much more your business — and contact list — can and will grow is an important aspect to take into consideration when choosing email marketing tools.

Good email marketing software will allow room for growth, enabling your company to add new contacts to your mailing list or send a few more emails every month.

Scalability is also important when following privacy and data protection laws. The service you choose must be able to accommodate your needs in accordance with the relevant regulations.

22 best free email marketing tools

Having assessed your company’s needs and having taken all of these factors into consideration, you are now ready to pick the email marketing tool that best fits your business model and provides space for growth over the years to come.

Here are 22 of the best free email marketing tools available on the market:


In their free version, CleverReach allows you to send up to 1,000 email campaigns per month to up to 250 recipients. As your business grows, the company offers flexible plans according to your needs.

With an easy-to-use design tool, this service is a good choice for companies looking for help in developing and sending regular newsletters to a moderate number of contacts.


HubSpot is a marketing software company that offers a range of services and products to help businesses improve their sales and generate leads.

When it comes to email marketing, the company focuses on how easy it is to customise and personalise newsletters and other promotional materials. Their free version allows companies to create forms and landing pages to complement their email marketing efforts.


The free version of Sender allows companies to send up to 15,000 emails per month to up to 2,500 contacts. This free email marketing tool provides automated email features, too.

The service also provides an easy tool for designing newsletters, including HTML editing to make emails even more customisable.

Premium options are scalable according to the number of subscribers in your mailing list, making it easier to assess how to move forward.


With a simple and straightforward design tool, Sendinblue allows you to create professional-looking emails and newsletters.

Their free version allows companies to send up to 300 emails per day to an unlimited number of contacts or subscribers. The company also offers SMS marketing tools to complement email marketing efforts.


Aimed at sales, Omnisend is committed to generating both leads and actionable data for your company. Their email marketing tool promises a high conversion rate and trackable information about potential customers.

Like most free software, the company also offers an easy-to-use design interface to make emails look professional.


SendPulse sells itself as a platform that includes every marketing tool you might need: from email to SMS to chatbots.

The main feature of the SendPulse email marketing tool is a customisable subscription form, which will allow you to collect leads and subsequently send your marketing materials to the resulting contacts.

Benchmark Email

Writer’s block is no problem for Benchmark Email. The service advertises an AI capable of transforming rough ideas into interesting and engaging content.

Their free version allows companies to send up to 3,500 emails per month to as many as 500 contacts.


Mailchimp is probably one of the best-known email marketing tools. The platform allows users to schedule emails and customise templates.

With their free version, companies can send up to 2,500 emails per month to up to 500 contacts.


Unlike other email marketing tools, Mailgun is marketed at software developers and engineers, promising to make it easier for businesses to understand their user base and their needs.

The free version allows users to send up to 5,000 emails per month and features email APIs, SMTP Relay, and Webhooks.


MailerLite is interested in a growing audience, helping businesses to generate leads and attract new customers.

Their email marketing platforms also accounts for the possibility of monetising content, monitoring results, and letting you decide how to better target your audience.

MailerLite’s free version can send up to 12,000 monthly emails to a total of 1,000 subscribers.


Mailjet is a more user-friendly version of Mailgun, focused on people who don’t know how to code and have less concern about the technical aspects of their marketing initiatives.

Their free version allows for 6,000 monthly emails to be sent to an unlimited number of contacts.


Marketed as the easiest email marketing tool available, Moosend offers easily customisable templates to optimise campaigns.

Their free version consists of a 30-day trial, during which companies can send an unlimited number of emails. After this period, their lowest price premium option allows companies to send emails to up to 500 contacts.


The primary feature of EmailOctopus is the possibility of welcoming new subscribers to your mailing list automatically, as well as using data insights to target customers intelligently.

Companies subscribing to the free version of EmailOctopus can send up to 10,000 emails per month to a total of 2,500 subscribers.

Zoho Campaigns

Offering straightforward drag-and-drop design software, Zoho Campaigns allows companies to customise their email campaigns and create professional-looking emails and newsletters.

Their free plan allows you to send up to 6,000 emails per month to a total of 2,000 contacts.


Campayn allows people who understand HTML to customise their email campaigns accordingly.

The tool also allows users to add Google Maps to their designs, making it easier for customers to find addresses or other important location information.

Their basic plan includes all core features and allows companies to send up to 12,500 emails to 500 contacts monthly.


Design is the main feature of Stripo, which promises an easy-to-use tool for people to design their own email marketing campaigns. The software also allows businesses to edit using both HTML and CSS.

Their free version offers 5 emails a day, but investing in the premium plan — which is billed annually — grants customers 2 months for free.


Powered by Mailchimp, TinyLetter is an email marketing tool for writers. This software is aimed at people who want to send long essays or articles in a newsletter format.

The service makes it easier for writers to find an engaged community, enabling customers to personalise their sign-up forms.

TinyLetter is completely free but has a few limitations.

Vertical Response

Vertical Response also promises easy-to-use design software, giving businesses the ability to create professional-looking email campaigns and automate their marketing efforts.

The company does not offer a free version, but a free trial subscription can be used for up to 60 days. Pricing plans are set according to the size of your mailing lists.


Pepipost is the leading email marketing service in Asia, delivering 10 billion emails per month, according to their company’s website.

Their service is an excellent option for businesses looking to expand their operations in Asia.


Unlike other email marketing tools listed here, Kickbox is an email list verifier, reducing risks when sending out a campaign to a large number of people.

Prices are set according to the number of contacts needing to be verified.


Revue is a tool aimed at writers with highly engaged communities on Twitter. Their free service allows users to create a newsletter and invite their Twitter followers subscribe to it directly via the social network.


EngageBay offers a variety of marketing services for businesses of different sizes. Their email marketing tool also provides easy-to-use design features and templates.

A free version of EngageBay allows companies to send email campaigns to as many as 250 contacts.

303’s email marketing service

Designing and sending email campaigns is only a small part of an email marketing strategy. In order to make sure you take full advantage of what these companies have to offer, an integrated agency like 303 London can provide guidance and help ensure that your content is engaging and effective.

Our email marketing service has an average email open rate of 31.6%. We will be able to accurately track purchases and work closely with your company to bring about the best possible results according to your needs.

If you are interested in launching your own email marketing campaign with us, find the tool that best suits your business and let us guide you through all the challenges and opportunities in this marketing endeavour.

Final thoughts on email marketing

There are many tools available for those who are interested in starting their own email marketing campaigns. But, as we’ve discussed, before sending out thousands of emails per month, it is vital to have your business goals and the interests of your audience in mind.

Engaging content and sleek design can be two of the most important aspects of developing your communication efforts, growing your audience, and increasing your sales.

Choose the service that best fits your needs, contact list, and growth potential to ensure the emails you send are reaching your target audience. After all, a successful campaign is a campaign that is seen.

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